new coming this weekHey everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

Today we finish up the third week of our month-long Reading Challenge! It was Genre Week and we all pushed ourselves to try books in genres we don’t normally read. We once again had great reader participation and was so impressed  by all the different types of books you guys picked up! Don’t forget, there is still time to enter for this week’s prize: all 12 books released in September, plus an audiobook from Less Than Three Press. And as always, all entries also qualify you for the great grand prize provided by Riptide. The deadline for this week’s contest is tonight at 11:59 EST. You can leave comments on any of our challenge review posts or leave your mini review. Check out this post for details.

This afternoon I will be announcing details of our final challenge, Favorites List Week! We will be reading books from one of our Favorite Book Lists (or books from one of those themes). More details are coming later on today, but in the meantime you can check out this post with details on our Favorite Book Lists.

Here is what we have planned for this week:

  • Guest Post and Giveaway: I Am Hope by Evelyn Shepherd
  • Audiobook Review: Sinner’s Gin by Rhys Ford (Michelle)
  • Review: Groomzilla by Tere Michaels (Wendy)
  • Review: Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield (Veronica)
  • Review: Blood Guilty by K.M. Penemue (Kris)

  • Review: Dangerous Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: King John by Edmond Manning
  • Review: Treading Water by Kate Pavelle (Jason)
  • Review: A Wager of Love by Katherine Marlowe (Sue)
  • Review: Suit Yourself by Susan Mac Nicol (Crissy)

  • Review: Inheritance by Lissa Kasey (Jay)
  • Review: First by K.C. Wells (Michelle)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Alpha Coder Geek Pack by Kathryn Sparrow
  • Review: The Long Slide Home by Kate McMurray (Wendy)
  • Review: Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa by Jeff Adams (Kris)

  • Review: Pricks and Pragmatism by J.L. Merrow (Jay)
  • Review: Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell (Wendy)
  • Throwback Thursday Audiobook Review: Falling by D.W. Marchwell (Michelle)
  • Review: The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson (Susan)
  • Guest Post: Inner Sanctum by Maggie Kavanagh

  • Favorites List Week Wrap Up
  • Review: Devotion by Grace R. Duncan (Sue)
  • Review: Candy G-Roots by C. Zampa (Michelle)
  • Review: Buttermilk Ranch by Patricia Logan (Sammy)
  • Guest Post: Spartan Love by Kayla Jameth

And that should do it for the week. Enjoy!

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