Hello everyone! Today we are wrapping up Week 3 of our month-long Reading Challenge Month. This week is Genre Challenge Week and we have been reading books that push our genre boundaries, trying to find stories that are outside our usual genres and reading styles. I think this was the hardest challenge, so thanks to my fabulous reviewers, as well as the amazing readers who took on this challenge with us!

As always, you guys can play along with this event in two ways. First off, you can leave a comment on any of this week’s challenge week reviews. And second, if you read along with your own challenge book, you can tell us all about it here on this post and get mega contest entries.

This week’s prize is sponsored by Less Than Three Press and includes a copy of all 12 books released this month, plus the winner’s choice of an audiobook from their catalog! All entries also make you eligible for the big grand prize donated by Riptide Publishing.

Ok, before we get too far, some things you may need to know:

  • All the contest details and rules are in this post or at least linked from here
  • This week’s deadline to leave comments on our reviews, or your mini review of your own book here on this post, is Sunday night. All entries will be tallied at that time and the Week 3 winner announced. All entries will also carry over for the grand prize at the end of the month.
  • If you read along your own challenge book this week, leave your mini review here on this wrap up post.
  • And if you missed the chance to leave any comments, here is quick recap of the books we read this week:

Our final week of our Reading Challenge Month kicks off on Monday with Favorites Week. For this challenge you should pick a book from one of our Favorite Books lists (or one of the Favorite Book List themes if you prefer). We hope you will join in the fun!

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