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Replaced by mechanized battle vehicles, Edgar Mason was forced to find work serving the elite of Liverpool. He didn’t expect Agamemnon, noted playboy extraordinaire, and his rumored soon-to-be fiancé. Edgar is taken by surprise when Agamemnon announces to him that the house is full of Martians. Martians that plan to take both he and Frost to make them soldiers in the Martian movement. Edgar, of course, believes Agamemnon to be off his rocker. Until the dinner party, when the patriarch of the family pulls out a weapon that Mason has never seen. As he and Frost run for their lives, Mason finds himself in the middle of a plot to turn the whole of Earth into a Martian battlefield. What comes as a surprise is that he was handpicked to be a perfect fit for Frost. In more ways than one.

In the middle of mystery and adventure Mason never thought possible, he finds something he never expected.

challenge monthFor Genre Challenge Week, I whined to Jay that I didn’t know what to choose, and she, of course, in all of her infinite wisdom said, “Historical!” The “dummy” was implied. It’s no secret that I shy away from most historical stories. But the part of my brain that has an aversion to historical still wouldn’t let me dive purely into the genre. But Steampunk—that I could do.

And oh my gawd! You guys! I found a story I’m in love with. Aliens, body snatchers, superior technology. It was a regular episode of Doctor Who—complete with a main character I kept picturing to be David Tennant.

From the beginning, this story starts off with intrigue and mystery. Aliens? In regency era England? Who would have thought? No matter what I thought about where the story was going, it was always headed somewhere else. This author definitely kept me on my toes.

Agamemnon Frost and Edgar Mason are a team to go down in the history books—if they would have existed. And if there would have truly been aliens in Liverpool. The reasons for them finding their way together, the compatibility between them, and the attraction are undeniably perfect. Frost is the slightly whacked, adorably knowledgeable side of the team. This façade of insanity is only that—sort of—although Mason seems to bring the real Frost out at times. As does the heartache of his past. Mason is the analytical part of the team. He’s skeptical and confused, but he also finds a way to trust Frost. The connection these guys have from the start is as special as it is fun.

So much fun.

This book… if you are a Whovian like me, this book is definitely for you. I’ve even gone as far as to purchase the next two books in the series. I can’t wait to read them.

Highly Recommended.

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A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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