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Length: Novella

Chrys Delos and Bryan Monroe have been together for a couple of months, and now that Chrys is back from his trip to Greece with his father and has recovered from his gunshot wound, he’s ready to head back to work. Even if that means riding a desk instead of working in the field. Bryan and Chrys have been best friend and partners for years, but now that Chrys is back, the men have to tell their captain that they have become intimately involved. In fact, it’s time to tell everyone that they are together. In fact, Bryan wants Chrys to move in with him. But when he blurts it out, he immediately takes it back, and makes a fool of himself.

Having a conversation with his ex-wife and his five-year-old son, Bryan sees the error of his ways. Chrys has been entwined in his life so fully for so long, that even though they’ve only been dating since Chrys was injured in the line of duty, their relationship is so much more solid than that. These guys dance a little bit around each other as they navigate merging their lives completely, but their love runs deep, and if they can just work around their insecurities and worries, they’ll find a way to make it work.

This is the sequel to Klein’s Never the Perfect Moment, and I really think that the books need to be read in order. While the author does a great job filling in the missing pieces without regurgitating plot points from the first book, you really need to have followed along with these guys as they realized and admitted their love for each other. And this book really does read as a continuation of their story, which I found I really enjoyed.

The thing I liked the most was that these guys communicated with each other. I remember being a little irritated with Bryan in the first story, thinking he let things drag on way too long before he actually talked to Chrys. In this book, both guys have moments of worry and doubt, and they have things they don’t know how to say to each other, but it felt really organic and real. I related even better to Bryan here, where he let his worries get the better of him and maybe ran away for a minute, but it never went on for too long before he was having a conversation with Chrys. The same thing went for Chrys, who had his own moments where he should have talked to Bryan and didn’t. But that just felt like real people as they worked out what they thought and felt, before actually talking and listening to one another. I thought this worked really well and made it feel exactly like they were building a relationship.

I felt their connection even deeper this time, and I think that was both a testament to their growing relationship and also by the fact that we got both MCs POVs this time. I liked getting into Chrys’s head and seeing how he view life, Bryan, and the rest of the world. I think it made for a richer story. And there is no doubt that these two characters love each other and have chemistry.  hey are so hot together, but their sexiness is just one part of their bond. They get each other on a deep level, and I loved watching it progress.

So even though there isn’t anything earth shattering plotwise here, I really enjoyed it. Klein takes her characters and story, and builds upon it beautifully. It’s a quick read, a short novella, and there isn’t too much angst. There is a whole lot of love, and a little bit of funny, and it’s just a really great read. Definitely recommended.

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