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Dallas Fox has been making porn since he was 18. He’s now 31, owns the porn studio Wonderland, and acts in the occasional film. He’s become completely desensitized to sex and can’t even remember the last time he’s actually gotten an erection. He doesn’t enjoy it anymore, and is in fact just coasting through life.

Johnny Roman is an actor at Wonderland, and has always had a thing for Dallas. He’s asked Dallas out numerous times, but Dallas has always turned him down. When Dallas helps Johnny out with an upcoming role, Johnny is about to ask Dallas out again when they are interrupted by the casting director’s new assistant, the beautiful Miguel Duarte. Miguel, for his part, thinks both men are gorgeous, but he’s just grateful to have a job after the events of the last couple of weeks. And then the trouble his roommate was in spills over onto Miguel.

Dallas is attracted to both Johnny and Miguel, but he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But when Johnny’s father breaks Johnny’s nose, Johnny doesn’t know who to call except for Dallas to come get him. And when they are leaving the ER, they run into Miguel, who has had some trouble of his own. Once Miguel gets fixed up, Dallas takes both men to his home where they spend several days healing and getting to know one another. Their attraction bubbles over, and all three men end up in bed together. But Miguel is in deep trouble, and he know he needs to walk away from the other two men. However, Dallas and Johnny aren’t willing to give up their newfound happiness so easily. And they just might be the answer to saving Miguel from a terrible fate.

The blurb on this one promised an interesting premise, and I have to say that, for the most part, the book delivered. There’s a lot packed into the short space, and almost all of it works well for the story. I was drawn in from the very beginning and didn’t put it down until I was finished. And though I have a few small quibbles, overall I really enjoyed it.

I thought the author did a really great job with developing all three characters. It could have gotten tricky, but it was done really well. With alternating POVs, we got to know each man. Dallas, in particular, was well drawn. I felt I really understood his thought process and where he was coming from. He was real and believable, and he made a lot of sense. Johnny and Miguel had layers as well, and I liked seeing the development in all three characters over the course of the story. But for me, Dallas was the most relatable, as well as the best developed character.

Another thing I liked particularly well is that all three characters had distinct personalities. It can be difficult to do that with three MCs, but Gilbert does it exceedingly well. I never had any trouble knowing whose head I was in, and I wouldn’t have ever had issues even if names weren’t brought up. Dallas is a little jaded and cynical, but he has a huge heart. Johnny is an assertive and intelligent man, but he had moments that showed his younger age. And Miguel, youngest of the trio, is just a sweetheart, who has had a lot of bad in his life. He’s skittish and scared, but he’s also determined and independent  I loved how their personalities worked together and complemented each other. It made the idea of this triad even more believable. I also liked that it ended with a solid HFN, as that was perfectly fitting for the story

I mentioned that I had a few quibbles, and though it was nothing major, they are worth pointing out. There were a couple of times where the book lagged into a bit of telling instead of showing, and it pulled me out of the story. There were also a couple of small plot points that seemed like they were important or going to go somewhere, but were ultimately dropped and didn’t play out in the larger plot. If they had been explained away, I would have been a little more forgiving. But to have them dropped in and then go nowhere was a tiny bit frustrating.

So I liked this book, and I thought the writing and the flow was really good. The character development in particular stood out as well done, and it made for an enjoyable read. This one is on the shorter side, and it provided a couple hours of time well spent. I liked it, and recommend it to you, especially if you’re looking for a good ménage.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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