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Mere months into his first year teaching English, Skyler Foxe is not only living his dream, but also learning what life Is all about.

New to the biology department, Keith Fletcher is also assistant coach of the football team. Skylar dubs him “wet dream,” but Skyler’s less than positive vocal opinions on football leave a sour taste in Keith’s mouth for the English teacher.

A night out with his friend Sidney, a police detective, turns into a disaster when Skyler discover a dead man in the alley behind the club with his throat slashed. The young man turns out to be none other than Skyler’s principal’s 21-year-old son. Skyler feels so much empathy for principal Sherman that he decides to look into the murder himself.

throwback thursdayWith his friends in tow, Skyler sticks his nose in police business, setting himself and his friends up as targets. A near miss by a bullet, threats by the owner of the club where young Wes was discovered dead, a battered car, and odd behavior by some of his co-workers convince Skyler to let the pros figure out who killed Wes, but will it be too little, too late?

When I was asked for Throwback Thursday suggestions, I immediately added Foxe Tail to the list, and now that I have read it, I am left wondering why I waited so long to dive into this book.

Skyler was a truly likeable (if misguided) character who acts his age, if not younger, and was, in my opinion, the one true main character supported by a large cast of key secondary characters. Now this may change going forward as the book ends with the dreaded “To be continued,” and we know what direction Skyler’s love life will be going by that point.

The other characters, like straight guy crush Keith, the biology teacher, best friends Jamie, Philip, Rodolfo, and of course the ever so patient Sidney all meshed together so well, the chemistry between them was apparent, and the feeling of their shared history solid. The ensemble style of character building is rare to see but Foxe Tail proves that if done right, it can be extremely effective.

The mystery portion of the story was well executed and left me wondering who the murderer was up to the end. Although there was lots of talk of Skyler’s many hookups, there was very little sex in the story, which made sense since it was billed as a mystery, and to be honest, it was refreshing to read a story where the sex was, if not secondary, at least a slow burn.

For number of laughs, I give it a 5; I may not have laughed hard, but I laughed often. I must say that the fact that Sidney didn’t throw Sklyer in jail for his own investigation of the murder was beyond the realm of possibility, best friend or not.

I would love to say more in my review, but it would be too easy to give away information, and more importantly, there was so much going on that any more than what I have shared would be too much. Walsh created a world that would be far too easy to picture myself being a part of and you too should give Foxe Tail a read and join in the fun.

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