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Daniel Green was a born planner, which is why he finds himself organizing his best friend’s wedding for the television reality show Groomzilla. Despite his reservations, the money Ander and his fiancé, Rafe, are offering him would help to pay down his student debt and expand his real job as a corporate wedding planner. All he has to do is keep Ander in line…easier said than done, especially when his attention is focused on the hot producer.

Owen Grainger, one of the two producers of the reality show, finds himself attracted to the quiet and reserved wedding planner. When his co-producer, Victor, insists that Daniel lacks style to be on the show next to the flamboyant Ander, Owen takes Daniel under his wing.

As the two begin to navigate a relationship with one another, Ander begins to succumb to the stress of being on the show. When Victor sees dollar signs when Ander behaves badly on camera, he begins to stir the pot and starts undermining Ander’s and Rafe’s relationship by creating more drama.

As the ratings soar, will Groomzilla destroy Ander’s and Rafe’s relationship, Daniel’s reputation as a party planner, and Daniel’s and Owen’s blossoming relationship?

I am going to tell readers right from the start that this is NOT your typical Tere Michaels’ story. If you are expecting to read something with a lot of angst that will tear your heart out, it’s not going to happen with this book. Breaking away from her heart-wrenching stories, Tere Michaels’ Groomzilla is a romantic comedy that is heavy on the comedy and light on the romance.

So, this story is the tale of two couples. Our main characters are Daniel and Owen, and the secondary characters are Ander and Rafe. Despite Ander’s secondary character status, however, he manages to steal the show in this book. Ander is a complete drama queen. His over-the-top personality and snarky comments will have you in stitches. His fiancé, Rafe, is a solid, dependable, lawyer who just wants to make Ander happy, even if it means having their wedding become a reality TV show.

Daniel and Ander have been best friends since they bonded together as adolescents. Where Ander is flamboyant and high string, Daniel provides the calming effect to keep Ander grounded. Despite his misgivings about planning his friend’s wedding, Daniel knows that he has to do it in order to keep Ander from turning his wedding into a circus.

Owen is a former model who now produces reality television shows. Though not his career choice, life circumstances have forced him into working with Victor. As the show gets underway, Owen and Victor find themselves at odds with one another as to what is best for the show, the ratings, and the soon-to-be happy couple.

As with most stories, there has to be a villain. In this case, the villain is Victor. As with most villains, Victor isn’t a nice guy. He sees dollar signs and ratings, and doesn’t care what happens to the couple featured in his reality show unless it affects his bottom line.

As Owen and Daniel begin spending more time together, they find themselves falling for each other. What begins as two men acting on their physical attractions to one another, blossoms into a relationship. As is typical of Tere Michael’s books, most of the sexy-times between these two characters are blacked out. Think PG-13. There is enough detail to warm things up, but if you are looking for some serious heat, this may not be the book for you.

One complaint I have about this book is that it seems to have a lot of conflict going on between Victor and Daniel; Victor and Owen; and Victor and Ander–not so much between Daniel and Owen. I wasn’t buying the romance between these two main characters. They two characters share a blowjob, don’t see each other for a few months, hook up for another booty call, and all of a sudden they are “in love.” As a reader, I wasn’t seeing the connection between the two other than sex.

Overall, this book is a cute read with a lot of humor injected into it as the author takes us behind the scenes of Groomzilla. If you are looking for a fun read, this romantic comedy, with an emphasis on the comedy, is the book for you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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