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Length: Novella

Elliot Graham has always played by the rules. He is stunned when he is sentenced to perform community service for buying his sister a present that turned out to be stolen property. Forced to spend his next few weekends at the recycling center, he thinks his luck has turned when he finds tickets to an upcoming concert, only to have them disappear into the pockets of the hottest guy he’s ever seen.

Cade McKuen thumbs his nose at rules. After finding his ex-boyfriend cheating on him, he vandalized his car. When the court ordered Cade to apologize, he opted to perform community service rather than give his ex the satisfaction of seeing him grovel. When Cade finds the tickets in the pile of trash, he thinks his luck has turned. When Elliot claims the tickets as his, Cade decides community service may be the most fun he’s had all year.

challenge monthCade is determined to teach Elliot how to unbutton his collar and live a little. Elliot is determined to teach Cade that not all guys are like his ex. Can their relationship outlast the tickets to the concert?

This book has been sitting in my “to be read” pile since I finished K.A. Mitchell’s Bad In Baltimore series. Why, you may ask? I am a total book snob. Despite my love for this author’s works, I have such low expectations for novellas. I want the big, thick books with lots of words which in my mind equals lots of romance, lots of angst, and lots of sex. How on earth do you find that in one of those thin little books? Well, I will be the first to admit that I underestimated this author because I think I liked this book even more than I liked some of her other works!

Cade is the type of guy that parents would cringe if you brought him home. Sixteen piercings – Elliot counted them – spiked hair, tattoos, a car that is temperamental, and his place of residence is crashing on a friend’s couch. When he found out his boyfriend was cheating on him, he took a tire iron to his car.

Elliot is a play by the rules type of guy, ending up with a criminal record and performing community service all because he accidentally bought stolen property. When Cade tells him he will give him the tickets they found if he meets him for coffee after their shift, Elliot finds himself unable to say no.

As the two develop a tentative friendship, they find themselves unable to keep their hands to themselves. Did I mention that Elliot is a virgin? Well, he’s had some experience with handjobs and blowjobs, but Cade will be his first real lover. Let’s just say he is a real quick learner!

Despite being a novella, there was actually a decent plot going on. Cade’s ex appears and threatens Cade’s ability to believe that there could be something more besides hot sex between him and Elliot. While Elliot may be the younger (age-wise) of the two, he isn’t going to let Cade escape easily.

If you haven’t read any of K.A. Mitchell’s works, this is the book to start with. You will be amazed at how wonderfully she crafts a story that manages to have everything packed into such a short read. Highly recommend!

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