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So for this week’s Reading Challenge Month theme, we had to choose something from a genre that we don’t ordinarily read. For me, narrowing down which genre was fairly easy since I tend to stick with contemporary and historicals. Once in a great while I may venture into something sci-fi, but only if it takes place in an earthlike world inhabited by humans. So that left me to find something in paranormal. Where to start? There are vampires, zombies, ghosts, shapeshifters, werewolves, and a whole host of other creatures. Oy vey!

Well, vampires were out. No offense to you vampire lovers, but there is nothing sexy about slicked back hair and pasty white skin. Zombies…out. I’ve seen that show on TV where the zombies walk like they’ve had one too many drinks at the bar. Imagining them having sex is totally outside the realm of my imagination. Ghosts? Yah, not really my thing. Shapeshifters? Werewolves? Apparently these types of stories are “hot sellers” according to Amazon’s best sellers in gay romance, so I decided to give it a try.

Then it was narrowing down which story to read. Surprisingly, this was fairly easy. I am a fan of alpha-males, so how different could it be from an alpha werewolf? I am also a fan of BDSM…hmmm…this book has that too! Finally, the book is set in a post-apocalypse world. Okay, I can handle that. So, I read it…

challenge monthQuinn, the Supreme Alpha of all the Nine Territories, is overseeing the “games” where human prisoners who refuse retraining are executed, when he notices a young man in the work detail struggling with one of the guards. Recognizing him as the man from the “Wanted Poster” outside his office, Quinn orders his second in command to bring the man to him.

Aaron Tabor became estranged from his brother when the human population was decimated by a virus. Hearing his brother had joined the rebels, Aaron enlisted in the rebel cause only to find himself to be one of the most wanted men in all the territories after committing acts against the government, including an assassination attempt on Quinn that left three of his men dead. When Aaron fights against Quinn’s second-in-command, Quinn is forced to intervene, knocking Aaron away from him. That one touch was all Quinn needed to know that this man is his destined mate. His only option to prevent his mate from being executed is to take him as his love slave.

As Quinn’s and Aaron’s attraction to one another deepens, another assassination plot is uncovered. Quinn is forced to set Aaron aside, despite the fact that the mating bond between them could kill Aaron if he isn’t near his mate. As Aaron lies dying, Quinn risks everything to bring his mate home.

I will be the first to admit that despite my reservations about reading a paranormal book, I actually enjoyed this story. It is set in a post-human world where a virus has swept through killing 75% of the human population and allowing the wolves to become the rulers. While the virus’ cause is unknown, the wolves liked to think that it was self-inflicted by the human population and their lack of care for the world they lived in. The humans who remain are rebelling against the werewolves.

Quinn is the top Alpha…or is he? At times he played the role of being the top alpha, but then some of his thoughts and actions showed that he had qualities most “alphas,” whether human or werewolf, tend to lack. Compassion, for instance, when he disliked the idea of the “games” where humans who refused to be rehabilitated were executed. As his bond with Aaron intensified, it seemed as if he was losing his alpha powers.

Aaron, on the other hand, is not your typical submissive. This character had a lot of spunk to him and was willing to face punishment, at least until Quinn realized that Aaron liked the punishments. Aaron’s sole goal is to find his brother he became separated from during the virus outbreak. Now mated with Quinn, he is conflicted as to where his loyalties lie.

The sex scenes between these two were somewhat disappointing for me. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely are on the warm side, it was just that I expected so much more considering the forced hair removal, piercings, ball gag, and spankings in the beginning. I also could have done without the whole licking thing…I know, I know, it’s a werewolf thing.

Overall, it was an interesting storyline. For those of you who aren’t paranormal readers, like me, I think this is a fairly easy story to get in to. There is a good plot, some hot sexy times, and a happy ending.

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