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The Rainbow League series is back with its third installment, Nate’s and Carlos’s story. For those of you who’ve been following this series, the sexual tension that’s been simmering on the back burner over the last two stories is now front and center and it’s boiling over! For those of you who’ve not yet read this series, no worries, it can be read as a stand-alone, though you will get much more out of the story if you’ve read the first two as you get a feel for the relationship between these two men.

Carlos and Nate have been best friends since elementary school. Growing up in the Bronx, the two were inseparable until Carlos met Aiden (book 1) and they became a couple (book 2). Now, nearly two years later, they barely speak to one another because Aiden is jealous of Carlos’ relationship with Nate and is convinced Nate is in love with Carlos – and because Nate is jealous of Aiden and wants Carlos for himself.

Readers should be advised that this book isn’t as light and fluffy as the previous books and does tackle the issue of domestic violence.

The book starts off with Nate going through a difficult time with his mother dying of cancer. Needing to talk to someone about this, and with Carlos and he barely speaking, Nate visits Carlos’ mom with whom he’s always had a close relationship. Meanwhile, Carlos and Aiden are constantly fighting with one another now that they’ve moved in together and Aiden seeks to isolate Carlos from everyone, including pushing Carlos to quit his baseball team and join Aiden’s. When Aiden becomes physical, Carlos seeks out Nate for a place to stay.

As these two try to rekindle their friendship, they find they both have feelings for one another, but they worry about whether a romantic relationship will destroy their friendship if it doesn’t work out. As Nate helps Carlos move on from Aiden, and as Carlos helps Nate deal with the death of his mother, the two realize that they already love one another, and not like brothers.

I will admit I was mildly disappointed with the intimate relationship between these two. I was expecting the earth and the moon to collide when these two finally came together with all the sexual tension building up between them, but then the brakes were put on. By then, I was through ¾ of the book, only to find out that one of them doesn’t do penetration. Despite this, the intimate scenes between these two were still hot.

Overall, I really did enjoy reading Carlos’ and Nate’s story. I loved catching up with all the past characters and Mama Lulu and her crew. If you are a fan of the Rainbow League, you won’t be disappointed! This is the best of the series!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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