new coming this weekHi gang! I hope everyone is doing well.

Today I am in major time warp because in real time it is the last day of GRL (boo!) but in writing time I actually haven’t left yet. So yay for still have lots of fun left to come!

Hopefully things have been going smoothly in my absence and everyone who has been at GRL is having a great time!

All right, here is what we have planned for this week…

  • Review: Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C (Jay)
  • Review: Rough Draft by Leo d’Entremont (Sue)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Purpose by Andrew Q. Gordon
  • Review: Buttermilk Ranch by Patricia Logan (Sammy)
  • Review: Until There Was You by J.J. Bamber (Wendy)

  • Review: Take Your Pick by Missy Welsh (Jay)
  • Review: Alasdair by Ella Frank (Michelle)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Wolf, WY by A.F. Henley
  • Review: A Place to Belong by Hurri Cosmo (Veronica)
  • Review: Taste Me by Marie Medina (Kris)

  • Review: Valor on the Move by Keira Andrews (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Minotaur by J.A. Rock
  • Audiobook Review: Tequila Mockingbird by Rhys Ford (Michelle)
  • Review: Wolf, WY by A.F. Henley (Kris)
  • Review: Let the Wrong Light In by Avon Gale (Wendy)

  • Review: Innocence to the Max by SJD Peterson (Jay)
  • Review: Signs of Life by Melanie Hansen (Michelle)
  • Throwback Thursday Review: Foxe Hunt by Haley Walsh (Jason)
  • Guest Post: Closing Ranks by Ethan Stone
  • Review: Love is for the Living by Nicholas Kinsey (Sue)

  • Review: Battle Stations by Chris T. Kat (Jay)
  • Review: The World as He Sees It by A.M. Arthur (Sammy)
  • Review: Heaven’s Just a Sin Away by Tyler Robbins (Wendy)
  • Guest Post: Coastal Magic Blog Tour with Taylor Law

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy!

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