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Length: Short Story

This is the last book in the Outlaw MC series and the books should be read in order. This review may contain spoilers for the series.

The war on Mars is finally over, although there are a few peacekeepers still in hiding trying to take out the men. Outlaw’s main priority now is getting back to Earth to rescue Liam from prison. Outlaw has no idea exactly what Liam has endured or what kind of condition he is in and it’s driving him to madness.

Prospect has just been made a patch member and shocks Outlaw when he tells him that he is in love with him. Outlaw can’t even begin to deal with this revelation and shuts Prospect down so he can focus on Liam. But when Outlaw is not sure if he is too late to rescue Liam, Prospect’s support is unwavering.

This book ends the Outlaw MC series and gives closure to the overall story arc as well as the individual story line of Outlaw and Liam. Since it takes place primarily on Mars, it is a break from reality that Cox knows how to provide and deliver.

This story line has been teased out throughout the series as to when or if Liam will be rescued. There was never any doubt that getting Liam back was Outlaw’s number one priority, so adding in Prospect took the impact of that away for me. Many of these stories are built upon multiple connections between the club members, and although Prospect has been a familiar face throughout the entire series, adding him here at this point shifted the expected focus that was the Liam and Outlaw story line.

There is closure all around, from peacekeepers that finally get their due, to the new leadership on Mars. There are cameos from some of the other members of the club and characters from other books. The connection between Liam and Outlaw is still unbreakable and their bond remains strong, but while the author and this series are known for adding in additional players, this specific finale wasn’t the best fit for me.

While I did prefer the earlier books in the series, Cox complemented each individual story with the larger story line of the war on Mars. There was a combination of sexy, strong alpha men, their counterparts, unexpected connections, and some heated moments along the way to ultimately show a family of bikers that took care of their own.

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