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Length: Novel

Robert McIntyre (Mac) is a science fiction author who loves all things books. When he meets Tommy Garrett at a book sale, Mac is immediately intrigued, but then furious when he learns Tommy is an artist who takes apart books for his art. But Mac can’t get Tommy out of his head, and when he ends up seeing the incredible creations Tommy makes with books, Mac changes his mind completely about Tommy’s work. The attraction between them hasn’t gone away either, but it is clear Tommy’s life is definitely in crisis as his brother isn’t doing well mentally. Mac is determined to be there in whatever way Tommy needs to get him through the difficult time, especially as it nears the holidays.

At first Tommy doesn’t know quite what to make of this man who has come charging into his life taking care of him. But he knows he is attracted to Mac and things are good between them. A relationship begins to grow quickly and both men are happier than they have ever been. Tommy’s brother is getting better, his art is doing well, and the relationship between them is great. And despite losing track of some deadlines with all the craziness, Mac is thrilled with how well things are going with Tommy. But the relationship between the men took off very quickly, and when things get rocky, Tommy begins to wonder if maybe things moved too fast. Now the guys must figure out if they can make their relationship work long term, or if things aren’t meant to continue between them.

I really enjoy Snow’s writing so I was excited to see she has a new series out. Found in the Library is a sweet and sexy read. Both of these guys are incredible kind, thoughtful people. Tommy loves his brother and is devastated when it is clear Ryder isn’t doing well mentally. He pretty much drops everything to help him, even when that means leaving his store closed and exhausting himself to the point of near collapse. I think he is a little too quick to jump to the worst conclusion at the ending conflict, something that seemed a bit extreme to me given the situation. I also wish Tommy’s dyslexia had been developed a bit more. We learn Tommy has a lot of trouble reading, which is one of the reasons he was inspired to create art that represents books visually. He doesn’t read much, but he loves audio books. But other than that, we don’t really see this severe reading disability play out much and given how much attention it gets in the book and the blurb, that seemed like an area that could have been developed more. But he is a likable guy and I enjoyed him.

I think how you feel about this story will depend mostly on how you feel about Mac. He is pretty much a major meddler. At the start of the book he is essentially a stalker and way oversteps his bounds into Tommy’s personal life. Now it all comes from a place of trying to take care of Tommy, but still he is definitely intense. There are some other places as well where Mac jumps in with some pretty heavy handed financial help without telling Tommy. So you really have to look past his behavior, which in real life would be enough to get him arrested, and decide if you can accept him at face value as a well intentioned guy. Now for me, I pretty much could get past it. I am not sure I could handle it in real life, but in this story, which is fairly sweet and fluffy, I could handle his over-the-top actions and still find him a likable guy who is willing to go to extreme measures for someone in need.

So overall I found this to be quite enjoyable. I liked Mac and Tommy and they are sweet and sexy together. I appreciated that the initial conflict about their differing opinions on the art is resolved fast and new things come up, rather than dragging that out forever. I liked the side characters we meet and am very excited for the next installment. I enjoyed the development of these guys as an author and an artist and seeing that aspect of their lives. And overall I just found this one an easy fun read. So a great story and one I think lots of folks will like as well.

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