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Doctor Wyatt Jacobs packed up his life in Georgia and fled across the country to California after his mother died from cancer. With no friends or family, Wyatt doesn’t think that San Francisco will ever feel like home to him, but he hasn’t met his neighbor yet.

Caleb Gregson is a contractor who has never been in a real relationship, preferring to engage in one-night stands…until he is turned down flat by his new neighbor. Convinced he just needs to break down Wyatt’s resistance, Caleb begins to woo his neighbor in the hopes of getting him into bed, only to find out that maybe he wants Wyatt to “just say yes” to an entirely different question.

As many of you know, I simply love reading self-published novel – and this book is the reason why.

Sometimes you feel like reading something that rips your heart out, and other times you want to read something so light and uplifting without a lot of drama. This book falls easily into the latter. A cute, romantic read, at times somewhat predictable, this book was a nice break from reading books loaded with a lot of angst.

Caleb is the type of book boyfriend we all want. Cocky and self-assured, Caleb has never had anyone tell him NO, especially when he wants them in bed. Yet, upon propositioning his new neighbor, he was turned down flat. Thinking he just needed to woo him a bit, Caleb sets off on seducing his new neighbor, only to find himself falling in love first. Readers will fall for him as he does things around Wyatt’s house to make it easier for him, brings him candle-lit dinners when he has to work late, and as creates that feeling of home for Wyatt when he is homesick for his native Georgia.

Wyatt is as timid and insecure as Caleb is cocky and self-assured. Not wanting to be just another notch on Caleb’s bedpost, Wyatt is determined to not to fall for his neighbor’s charm, but it’s hard when Caleb is doing and saying all the right things.

The secondary characters really bring the story to life and actually are instrumental in opening up both Wyatt’s and Caleb’s eyes as to how to make this thing between them work. Let’s just say that both of these men are somewhat clueless when it comes to relationships.

Add into the mix the cutest little kitten – Black Jack – who will have you falling in love with both these guys and the antics that this kitten puts them through! I have to be honest with you all here, if an author adds a kitten or a puppy to a story…let’s just say that I can tend to be somewhat biased when it comes to anything furry and sporting a tail.

I will mention that this is not a romance story where sexy scenes are the most prominent feature of the book. This book is heavy on the romance with a bit of spice thrown in, but the emphasis is on a slow (sometimes very slow) romance brewing.

The only turn-off for me with this book was that there was a whole lot of “chapters” which basically weren’t chapters at all, but scenes. So I will warn readers that there are nearly as many chapters in the book as there are pages.

If you are looking for something that is genuinely a feel good story, without a lot of angst, you need to Just Say Yes to this book!

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