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It has been about  three weeks since Seiran Rou killed Brock in an attempt to save his own life. Still, even though he had no choice, the event haunts Sei. On top of his own emotions, Seiran is getting angry emails and threatening calls from people mad that he became Earth Pillar. And in addition to all of that, Seiran is being haunted by memories of his first lover, Matthew, a man who abused Seiran and caused many of the emotional issues that still plague him.

All of this has left Seiran feeling somewhat broken. Although Gabe is incredibly supportive and caring, Sei is sure Gabe will soon tire of dealing with him, especially since Seiran still can’t bring himself to have a full sexual relationship with Gabe again after the incident with Brock. He is desperately trying to work through his issues with the help of a therapist, but it is slow going. And as the threats to Seiran and Gabe continue to grow, it is clear that the men are in danger from more than just Seiran’s mind. Sei is finally coming to accept how much Gabe cares for him, and how much he truly loves Gabe in return, but with their lives in danger they will have to fight for a future together.

Reclamation is the second book in Lissa Kasey’s Dominion series and picks up shortly after the first book left off. Whereas the first book was expansive and really developed this world of witches and Sei’s place within it, this story is more insular and centers on Sei and his little family. I did miss some of the larger world building here, as that is such a major part of the first book and this story doesn’t really give us that. There is still a paranormal angle to the story, but much less detail. But I really love these guys together and I could understand the need to focus more closely on their relationship dynamics here.

The first part of the story deals mostly with Sei in the aftermath of Brock’s attack. It is clear he is still very emotionally fragile. His OCD is acting up, he is scared of having sex with Gabe, and he is sure that Gabe is going to tire of him. Gabe, Jamie, and Kelly continue to be there for him and support him and I love the family that the four of them have become. There is just a sweetness to the way they all interact with one another that I really love. This first part of the book isn’t always easy to read as Sei is really struggling emotionally and it is painful to watch. I think Kasey does a nice job really portraying his pain in the aftermath of the attack and letting us see how Sei’s mind works. In particular, the memories of his experience with Matthew really give some fascinating insight into what shaped Seiran and his fears and insecurities as an adult.

The second part of the story has more of a thriller aspect to it as the guys face some folks who want Gabe and Seiran dead. The story picked up a lot more me in the second half. Even though there is still danger, it is not quite as heavy in tone as the earlier part of the book. I continue to really like the way Kasey has developed the shifter elements of the world and seeing that blurring line between Sei’s shifter and human sides.

So this was another enjoyable installment in the Dominion series. I am really looking forward to reading the next book (yay! Jamie!) and seeing where things go in the future.

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