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Ezra Haines survived the Apocalypse despite being an incubus and is more than cautious. He never takes too much from his prey and never lingers too long in one spot. But where Ezra nibbles, his twin, Echo, gorges. And as a result Ezra is forever scrambling to pick up the pieces left in his brother’s wake of destruction. He chases Echo into Wolf County, hoping to find his brother and pull his butt out of the fire before the Hellhounds MC takes the law into its own hands.

As the Vice President and beta of the Hellhounds, Revo’s duty is to his brothers first and the county he protects second. He certainly has no interest in dealing with an incubus bent on leaving a trail of lust crazed, permanently damaged victims. Upon meeting Ezra, Revo finds himself inexplicably drawn to the man. He is supposed to meet out justice, but instead risks everything to protect Ezra from the club. At the end of the world, Revo and Ezra must place their faith in one another if they want to survive.

Revo’s Property is a very quick reading novella that ends up being a jumbled collection of good and bad, but ultimately intriguing. The plot is chaotic and scattered and while the author manages to pull a cohesive thread from it all, there are more than a few gaps in the story. We’re told the Apocalypse has occurred and shifters, paranormals, and humans have been forced to the edges of society. But other than a casual reminder a time or two of the event, there isn’t much description or world building. Which was a real opportunity missed. Ezra and his brother are described as “nomads,” unwelcome in any community due to their status as incubi, but we aren’t given much of a glimpse into this life. And given how critical it is to Ezra’s character arc, it would have been nice to see more of their existence before arriving in Wolf County. As a result this whole aspect of the book feels noticeably unfinished.

Ezra is by far the stronger of the two main characters. He is used to life on the run, perpetually struggling to fly under the radar while his brother does the opposite. He’s hungrier than he realizes for a real home and someone who accepts him for who he is. He hates himself for using lust to feed and we get the impression that sex has never been anything but clinical for him. Ezra’s foolishly brave and we love him for it. He’s smart enough to be scared, but he never backs down. Even his devotion to his brother, while naive, is admirable. Revo, on the other hand, isn’t fully formed. He isn’t a caricature either, which I appreciate, but we’re never really given enough information about to him learn anything. You get a real sense of danger from him and you believe that he’s a violent threat to everyone except Ezra, but otherwise he’s a blank slate that needed more development. There is a real aspect of insta-love with their relationship, which I dislike under almost any circumstance, but aside from that Ezra and Revo do have a natural chemistry.

Worse than Revo is Echo, Ezra’s twin. He’s only in a few scenes but we get no sense of who is he or why he behaves the way he does. I’m not sure if the author intends to explore this character further in other additions to the series, but in Revo’s Property he is nothing more than a convenient plot device that needed a lot more fleshing out to seem realistic.

Revo’s Property suffers from a lack of world building and while the characters catch the reader’s attention, they often fail to develop. This said, the idea of a county run by a violent werewolf biker gang, while seeming ridiculous, is laid out by the author in a way that makes it feel vibrantly possible. Ezra is a fun character and while Revo lacks much depth, they work as a couple and end up as a surprisingly sweet one. Despite all the issues with this book, there was just enough chemistry between the main characters and enough of a rough plot framework to make it kind of work. And I wouldn’t be opposed to reading the next on the series, which definitely means my interest is piqued. If you like fast-paced novellas with a strong paranormal thread, you might find Revo’s Property as intriguing as I did.

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