Rock Rod Alex on TopRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

All Alex can think about is Peter and Peter, who has never wanted a boyfriend, is constantly thinking about Alex as well. The more time they spend together the more feelings and insecurities there are and the more both guys think the other is going to end it at any moment.

Peter, who has been continuing with therapy, has submissive needs that Alex can’t begin to wrap his head around and he knows he can never be enough for Peter. Yet their need for each other is intense. The guys continue to explore their sexual relationship, including spending time with the new studio sex machine. When Alex gets the call for his next porn shoot, the plan is not only for him to top for the very first time, but to top Peter. Can Alex handle having Peter as a boyfriend and having a porn career?

This is the third and final book in the Rock Rod Studios trilogy and the books need to be read in order. This book has Alex and Peter spending the entire story together and that aspect really worked for me. The style continues with Alex’s entertaining trademark banter, but also gets slightly serious for a few moments. We get a little more on Peter’s background and he is a character that I would really love to know even more about, as his story is still teased out and not all of the details are offered.

Alex is still so caught up in his own thoughts and it’s really well done how he gets lost in all of his self doubt within his own head and then realizes he’s still in the middle of a conversation. Now I mentioned the book gets a bit more serious and, while it does, the book is also entirely unapologetic in the many hot sex scenes that are offered. It’s erotic with voyeurism and sex machines and porn and the guys are amazingly filthy together. The author also balances out their intense feelings in the middle of it all and it’s all really well done.

The entire series is available now and it would be great to read them all in a row. It’s a bummer that the author is not planning on continuing the series as there is still plenty of story that could be told. But for an intensely heated story that adds emotion and great dialogue, I would certainly recommend the Rock Rod series.

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