Sunshine and LoveRating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Aaron is a new dad to a preemie, Sunshine, who lived after her mother succumbed to a pregnancy-accelerated cancer. Aaron had loved Hope, Sunshine’s mother, as a best friend/sister since their childhood and agreed to become a sperm donor when Hope was desperate for a child. Soon after the pregnancy was confirmed, so was the cancer. Aaron’s heartbroken over losing his best friend and frantic to find a suitable nanny so he can continue running his very important business, which is not much described.

None of the nannies he meets are acceptable, however, until Jordan arrives. Jordan is a big brute of a man with piercings and tattoos, but he’s a delicate touch and fully on-board with attachment parenting and coddling a feisty preemie. Aaron and Jordan sense an immediate attraction, but agree that nothing will happen as Aaron doesn’t diddle the help.

Fast-forward six weeks. Jordan dotes on Sunshine, who is thriving, and Aaron’s shirking his dad responsibilities because he’s too attracted to Jordan to manage his emotions in his presence. Jordan isn’t afraid to take charge of the situation, and a bossy sub is almost more than this Dom can take.

Honestly, as a reader, I didn’t connect with either Aaron or Jordan. I felt there was too much telling and not enough building of these characters. We know Aaron’s a Dom because he tells us so. We know Jordan’s a sub, again, because he says it. There is too little connection with these two men, and what there is is hurried and heavy-handed.

This had all the elements of a great story, but for me the short format was insufficient to translate the necessary elements. I wished we hadn’t skipped forward six weeks, and had that time laid out with all sorts of awkward exchanges and muffed opportunities, but that’s not the case. Instead we get some angst, some thwarted desire, little-to-no tension, and a barely believable “love” story. There are few conversations that had promise, but in the larger context of the story the romance fell short. Expect a couple of steamy scenes and what amounted, to me, as the beginning of a story that could have been far richer. Do not expect much in the D/s vein. There’s again, some talk about it, but mostly just a rush to sex. As nearly everything in the book was vanilla, that element could have been completely scrubbed with no loss to the plot or character development.

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