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Texas Wedding is the seventh and last installment in R.J. Scott’s Texas series, and the books must be read in order. Also of note is the announcement that there will be a spinoff series to address some of the secondary characters.

Although happy with their life, which includes daughter Hayley, son Max, and the twins Lexie and Connor, the impending decision by SCOTUS to finally legalize same-sex marriage has got Jack and Riley seriously considering the implications to their family if the decision is in their favor.  At issue is the legality surrounding the kids’ adoption and what would happen to them if Jack were no longer in the picture.

Ranch hands Marcus and Liam are doing well, with Liam slowly healing from the horrors of the past. Jack’s wants to rebuild the original homestead on the property to give people like Kyle, Danny, and Gabriel a haven and a second chance with Liam’s help.

When SCOTUS rules in favor of legalized same-sex marriage, Jack and Riley discover that the right to marriage does not change adoption laws, and who better than Jack and Riley to fight for the changes needed to protect their kids. However, while the guys are trying to figure out the renewal of their vows and the challenges of securing joint custody of the kids, their family and friends need their help, adding to the stress in their hectic lives.

I have followed the Texas series from the beginning, and although I am sad to see Jack and Riley’s story come to an end, I have to admit that Scott has wisely ended this series on the right note, and will allow the Legacy series to explore the lives of Kyle, Danny, and Gabriel, who were sexually assaulted by Hank Castille.

It is always tough to talk about books in a series, especially after having reviewed a number of the books.  Scott was masterful in maintaining the feel of the characters, all of the characters, which shows how near and dear they all must have been to her. The thing with the Texas series that really caught my attention when I stopped to think about it was how in the end, while Jack and Riley may have been the main characters, they were nothing without the many other characters (notice I refrained from calling them secondary) who made up their sphere of influence, because really, how could their children and family truly be secondary?

The consistency that was world of the Double D was also well done, and the ranch was so well developed that I could visualize the porch that was being added to the main house, and see the bunkhouse and the other outbuildings on the property.

Obviously this is a must read book for those who have followed the Hayes-Campbell clan over the years. If you haven’t checked out this fantastic series, I encourage you to take the plunge!

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