Then Came CalRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Sean is having the worst day of his life. First, he loses his dream job, and then he walks in on his “kinda boyfriend” having an orgy in the bed they share together. Seeking a shoulder to cry on, Sean heads to his best friend Cassie’s house to find her big brother (and Sean’s long time crush) is visiting.

Cal was expecting a chance to visit his baby sister while on vacation, not babysit her and her best friend, Sean. As he finds himself unable to tear his eyes from Sean’s hot ass, Cal begins having confusing feelings about Sean.

Should Cal act on his attraction? Can Sean put back the broken pieces of his heart and life?

This book is a very short read–too short, in my opinion. It kills me to write this review because I saw so much potential in this story. It just failed to deliver.

The plot is something you want to stick your teeth into, but it moves so fast that you barely get a taste before it’s over. I found it to be overly ambitious to cover that amount of ground in this short of a story. The characters come across as indecisive, particularly Sean, who goes from being in love with his current boyfriend to being in love with Cal in less time than a NASCAR driver can go from zero to sixty. Then we have Cal who is supposed to be confused about his feelings for Sean, but readers never really get to see this confusion play out because before we know it the two of them are in bed together.

The sexy-times in this book are very hot, erotically hot. This author knows how to write sex scenes!

Overall, if you like your stories to be short and sweet with a heavy dose of spice and not a lot of substance, this may be the book for you. For the rest of us, keep an eye on this author for future books that might be better developed.

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