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Note: Vanished 2 is the second book in the three-part Vanished series. The books are an interconnected thriller/suspense story and therefore this review will have definite spoilers for the first book in the series (and that book is way too good to be spoiled). If you are even thinking about starting this awesome trilogy, I would skip this review and go back and read my review of book 1, Vanished. For those who read the first book, this will review will not spoil book 2. You’ve been warned, and enjoy! 

“Henry. Help me.”

With those three words, Henry Cooley’s life is once again shattered. Just weeks after remembering his husband Tom’s death and grieving for him all over again, Henry is now faced with what appears to be Tom alive and in need. Henry has no idea what to do with this information, however. Could it really be Tom, somehow still alive despite all evidence to the contrary? Or is Henry losing his sanity once again, cracking under the emotional pressure of his fresh sense of loss?

Henry attempts to go about his life, returning to work and trying to regain some sense of normalcy. But the calls continue and Henry feels his life spiraling out of control. He has no way to help Tom, if it is even him, as the voice on the other end of the line never responds. His friends try to support him, but Henry is wary about disclosing the truth, even as strange things keep happening. Henry doesn’t dare to dream that Tom is still alive, but he is even more scared about what it means for his sanity if Tom is gone.

Gah! This series is so intense and once again I was on the edge of my seat, following along with poor Henry as he tries to figure out what is going on. Quinn has done an amazing job with this story line. It is twisty and exciting and every time I think I know what could be happening, things take an unexpected turn. This second book is not quite as high octane as the first book, as we start to learn more about what could really be going on here. And as the middle book in the trilogy, we kind of know nothing major is going to be wrapped up here with one more story to come. But there are still plenty of mysteries and surprising revelations that keep the suspense high and the story exciting.

I don’t want to say too much more because this is a book you really need to enjoy discovering for yourself. Any detail I supply is going to give more away than I want to share. So I will just wrap up by saying that this is a great installment to the Vanished series. I absolutely went crazy for the first book and I am loving how it continues. Once again we get a shocking ending that left me dying for the third book. If you enjoyed Vanished, I would definitely recommend picking up this second book.

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