Today I am so pleased to welcome Alex Whitehall to Joyfully Jay. Alex has come to share an exclusive side story from a new release, Sharing a Pond. It is pretty sexy and probably NSFW, so be warned. Alex has also brought along a copy to give away. Please join me in giving Alex a big welcome!


This is a side story I wrote for the three main characters: Brent, Corey, and Shane. It takes place some time after the events in Sharing a Pond so if you’re super strict about spoilers, then you may want to cover your eyes. For everyone else, I think this little…scene is quite enjoyable without knowing anything about the story, although I hope you’ll want to read more about these three!

While kink/BDSM is an underlying element of Sharing a Pond, very little kink happens on the page. In this extra story, however, we get to see a little more.


A Squirming Problem

Brent stripped off his briefs and stood in wait position, arms folded behind his back, chest raised and eyes lowered, staring at Corey’s belly button. Corey was wearing nothing but jeans, his toes wiggling in the carpet. Waiting. Patient. Maybe contemplating, although Brent figured Corey already knew what he was going to do tonight.

“Love, go fetch a chair from the kitchen.”

He watched Shane’s bare ass leave the bedroom, then returned his gaze to Corey’s chest. A kitchen chair? Was he going to be spanked over it? No, the bed was just as good for that, whether bent over Corey’s lap or the furniture itself. So maybe he was going to be tied down. He grinned.

“I see that.” Corey stepped forward, then circled behind him. “I bet you think you know what’s going to happen.” He kissed Brent’s shoulder, grazed his teeth across the flesh to the base of Brent’s neck, sending a shiver down his spine. “But I bet you’re only half right.”

“I don’t get anything for being half right?”

Corey snorted and bit. Hard.

Brent gasped, arching into the touch, the pain, the pleasure, and then breathed when it released. Heat spread like wildfire down his back.

“There, now you’re all paid up.” Corey kissed the spot he’d bitten.

When Shane returned, Corey directed him where to put the chair, then tapped Brent’s butt. “Sit down.”

He did as ordered, and smirked when the rope came out. The rough hemp instead of the soft stuff. Something to ground him rather than just restrain. It made him wonder what was going to happen once he was all tied up.

Which, judging by Corey’s grin, was exactly what Corey wanted him thinking about. Brent exhaled. Focused on Corey tightening the ropes, Shane getting something out of their toy drawer. When the final knot was secured, Corey leaned down, pressed a wet kiss to his chest, then bit. Hard.

Brent jerked against the restraints, but the ropes held firm. His arms, shoulders, and torso were pretty well secure, and while his hips had some give, his ankles were bound to the chair’s legs. His only possible escape was to fall over, which seemed like a terrible idea.

He was already panting slightly when Corey finally released him, kissed the bite, and firmly ran his hands up Brent’s torso.

“Do you remember the other week—” Corey straddled him and firmly attached his lips in an open-mouthed kiss to Brent’s neck. Brent nearly squealed. He jerked in his bonds and tilted his head, trying to stop the muscle-deep itch that the mouth was making. Corey released the kiss with a smack of his lips. “Do you remember when you were a squirming ticklish monster and all I wanted to do was nice things with my mouth?”

Oh. Fuck. He closed his eyes and nodded. “Yes.”

“Yes?” Corey asked, and twisted Brent’s nipple.

He gasped. “Fuck. Yes, Sir.”

“Well, we’re going to work on that.”

He whined, and Corey chuckled as he kissed him. “Oh come on, it won’t be that bad. I’m probably not going to punish you.”

He huffed. “That’s trust-inspiring.”

Cue another evil chuckle. “It’s going to be a mixed bag.” Corey stood and kissed his temple. “Think of it as training.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Corey motioned for Shane to kneel on the floor while Corey walked behind Brent, running his hand over his shoulder and up his neck to cup Brent’s jaw. A slight pressure and his head tilted sideways, exposing him. Fuck. He shivered and closed his eyes, right up until he heard the soft click of plastic. Shane was kneeling between his legs, a pack of clothespins in hand.

He swallowed. “What did you mean by ‘training’?”

“The way I see it,” Corey said, “you’ll be less ticklish if you have other sensations to focus on.”

Shane leaned forward, pinched beside his nipple, and attached a clothespin. The initial sting faded into an ache while Corey rubbed his hand down from Brent’s jaw to his shoulder and back up. “Good.”


Shane snapped on a second pin. Brent jerked, but he had nowhere to go. His grunt of frustration just earned him another stroke of his neck. The pinches were warming up, spreading out a little. Almost numbing.

Corey flicked the back of one. The tug was just this side of painful.

“Nice and focused.” Corey’s hand rested on the tip of Brent’s shoulder, the other fisting a handful of hair and cranking his head to the side. Exposing him again. But Corey didn’t go for the neck, which would have had Brent squirming uselessly. Instead, soft kisses started from one thumb and trailed along the shoulder before going up the neck for a final kiss on his ear. “Good.”

That wasn’t so bad.

Next, Corey stuck out his tongue and set it against Brent’s shoulder. Slowly—So. Fucking. Slowly—he licked up Brent’s neck. It wasn’t bad at first. Nice, actually. Then Corey crossed over the ridge by Brent’s collarbone, and Brent couldn’t stop wiggling. It tickled.

Sudden, sharp pain bit into his thigh. He gasped, eyes opening and cranking down as far as Corey’s hand in his hair would allow. Shane’s mouth was sealed over the bite, not releasing, just lightening and then hardening the teeth digging into his flesh.

“Fuck!” He clenched his fists and strained, knowing the ropes would hold him.

“Good boy.” Corey kissed his ear and the bite on his thigh became nothing more than a wet heat, a sharp contrast to the air cooling the slick line from shoulder to ear. “Pain is quite the distraction, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir.” He relaxed his head into Corey’s grip and closed his eyes, feeling the pulse in his thigh and his chest where the pins still clung. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” A kiss to the ear, and then that mouth was back to leaving wet, soft kisses on his shoulder, inching its way closer, pausing when Brent tensed. “If it tickles, squirm, and Shane will dole out a helping of pain to help you stay still. Got it?”

He groaned. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” Corey worked that one spot, just close enough to his neck to tease, but mostly to burn arousal through his veins like nitro. He wondered if arousal was enough to distract him from the inevitable—

The wet, pillowy lips moved higher, and he had his answer.


But Shane ripping off a clothespin was. Brent sank into the seat, motionless except for his panting, as the mouth on his neck inched its way along. For now, all he could feel was the burn by his nipple. Not that he wasn’t aware of the tongue and lips and wet on his neck. But his brain and skin didn’t care. They were focused on the pain and the undercurrent of arousal that slunk beneath its surface.

Corey nibbled on his ear. “Very good.” He slipped his mouth back down to the point of Brent’s jaw, one hand firmly holding his head tilted, the other sliding down to the second clip. The tongue slipped out, teasing, tickling, while the hand tugged. Pain rested over him like a blanket, protecting him from the squirming itch that threatened to worm beneath his skin and sink into his muscles.

He exhaled. Corey worked down his neck, lightly massaging the sore skin around the clip, easing off the pain as he progressed to the safety of the shoulder. Brent floated, trusting Corey, obedient to his will and the boundaries he’d been given—and ordered into. He breathed. Was aware of the hands leaving him and the mouth re-applying itself to his neck.

The urge to squirm, escape, and pull away shot down his spine, but it was muted beneath the hum of pain. Instead, he breathed through it, holding still. Being a good boy for Corey.

And in reward? Corey didn’t push him too far, didn’t test the limits of what would make him a bad boy again. Instead he let go, kissed his ear, then yanked his head back to take his mouth. And between Brent’s legs, Shane kissed the tingling bite mark.

He smiled and groaned when he was released, his voice surprisingly hoarse. “Thank you, Sir.”

Corey kissed his ear. “Good boy.”


Sharing a PondBrent shows up on Corey and Shane’s doorstep in the dead of winter needing a place to stay—and hopeful his mates will provide it, and not mind he’s a frog shifter.

Being a shifter is nothing new to Corey and Shane, but neither is being mates. They’ve been together since before they first met Brent ten years ago—back when Brent was Brenda. Bringing a third into their relationship is more than a little complicated, but they’re willing to try.

But change is always easier said than done, and Brent wonders if he ever really stood a chance at being happy with the men he has always loved and admired.


Alex WhitehallIf there are two types of people in the world, Alex Whitehall probably isn’t one of them, despite being a person. Their favorite pastimes include reading, horseback riding, sleeping, watching geek-tastic television, knitting, eating, and running. And wasting time on the internet. And spending glorious afternoons laughing with friends.

While Alex prefers sleeping over doing anything else (except maybe eating), sometimes they emerges from the cave to be social and to hunt for food at the local market. They can be found blogging, searching the Internet for more books to read, and tending after their aloe plant Cornwall. That’s a lie; the single plant has become an entire forest.


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