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Trevor has been in renal failure and on the transplant list for a long time now and it’s his rare blood type that’s holding up a match. Dialysis has taken him this far, but without a donor this may be his last Christmas. Trevor’s attitude remains positive and he is going to enjoy some time with his family until a snowstorm prevents him from flying.

Marcus (Marc) is a successful lawyer on the fast track to make partner and keeps himself buried in work. When he was outed by his brother in high school, his mother sent him out the door the moment he turned eighteen. Work leaves Marc little time for a social life, it really only gets in the way anyway, and he’s resigned himself that he will be spending yet one more holiday alone.

When the highways are closed due to the monumental snow fall, Marc and Trevor wind up seeking refuge at the same hotel. Their first glance at each other is magical and leads to a passionate night that neither will forget anytime soon. But as much as Trevor may wish he could have more with Marcus, he cannot allow himself to get caught up in romance as time is definitely not on his side.

Love at first sight. You will find it here in all of its snow bound, holiday glory. Marc and Trevor’s eyes meet across a crowded room and it’s not just attraction they feel–it’s more. So Trevor takes a chance when Marc invites him to join him for dinner and then to his room as Trevor wants to just stop feeling and worrying about the future that will never come. It’s one night, they both agree, as Trevor doesn’t have any more time and Marc can’t make the time.

The author easily gives us character development on both Trevor and Marc and both of their backgrounds are fully drawn. There is a great sense of where they have both come from, and if given the chance, where they both wish to go.

Circumstances involving the snow storm have them spending Christmas together and Trevor helps Marc to take charge of his life and start living. They share a special holiday and create traditions that have an expiration date. They both share the intensity of their feelings and, while Marc doesn’t want to let Trevor go, Trevor can’t stay. Even though Trevor is dying, this book was not overly depressing or heartbreaking. There is a lingering sadness, but there is love and hope and intense intimate scenes that range from fast and dirty to loving and emotional.

We are provided with enough details on Trevor’s condition to get a full picture. How accurate it all is wasn’t all that clear as Trevor is given only months to live yet looks remarkably well and claims to have issues with energy, but then can shovel his way out of a snowstorm. But it wasn’t all that glaring in light of the rest of the story and can be just as easily sidestepped.

The book is set over the holidays but there is also plenty of story to complement the season and it’s not an over the top kind of holiday story. If you don’t believe in love at first sight maybe A Fortunate Blizzard and the story of Trevor and Marc will make a believer out of you. It is a recommended read for any season.

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