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Cocaine peddling is up, young boys are disappearing, and the Deputy District Attorney C. Evan Fairchild (Chance) is sick and tired of butting his head against the political maneuverings of his boss. Something is definitely wrong in Dare’s Landing, and Chance is determined to get to the bottom of it. Clear across the country, a bus ticket found on the remains of a young boy held captive by a drug cartel in Bolivia is the only link FBI agent Xavier Constantine has to the boy’s identity. After a rescue operation leaves both captive boys deceased and Xav wounded, he decides it is time to leave the FBI and join the Dare’s Landing Sheriff’s Office as it’s new Deputy Sheriff in charge of tracking down their missing boys.

Cocaine dealing and lost boys will eventually bring Chance and Xav together, but first a night of anonymous sex proves to make their working relationship very uncomfortable. However, both men push that aside as they race against the clock to save any more boys from disappearing. If they are lucky, they will be able to save the boys and possibly each other as well.

The writing talents of Aisling Mancy and Shira Anthony have teamed up to bring us a taut and action packed thriller in their new novel, A Solitary Man. With incredible attention to the smallest detail, we are taken on a roller coaster ride through the jungles of Bolivia to a sleepy seaside town in North Carolina. The long and evil arm of drugs and sex trafficking have left their mark on Dare’s Landing and we are introduced to the two heroes who will ultimately work together to shut it all down.

With an incredible cast of fully realized and finely developed side characters, this story comes alive with riveting action and intense drama. Chance, himself, has demons he fights daily and Xav pushes every one of his buttons, not to mention constantly ramming against the walls Chance has erected around his heart. This is a solitary man whose no fraternization policy leaves him alone and terribly lonely. When Xav crashes into Chance’s carefully constructed world, all that tightly wound self-control threatens to burst wide open and that means exposing not only his secrets, but his emotions as well.

But Chance is not the only one with hidden demons. Xav fights against the guilt of losing those boys he swore to protect and save—the very one’s who now lay in the city morgue back in California. Their frightened and trusting eyes haunt Xav as he races to save the boys who have now gone missing in North Carolina. What he did not count on was falling for the stoic Deputy DA as well. Time and again we are privy to the inner thoughts of both Chance and Xav and drawn deeply into their lives, their fears, and their fight against the sorrow and guilt that go hand in hand with the case they have sworn to solve. Carefully, this story evolves and the characters become real flesh and blood people who you suddenly realize you have fallen in love with by novel’s end.

A Solitary Man, with its impeccable pacing, grabs your attention from the very first page and holds you hostage to its exciting closing paragraphs. Richly drawn characters, lush settings, and meticulously researched plot lines make this book a must read for any who are looking for an outstanding mystery novel. But don’t be fooled by that convenient categorization, for this is so much more than a simple mystery novel. Authors Mancy and Anthony have given us a window into a frightening and horrible epidemic that is sweeping our world. Children being stolen to feed a massive underground hell that is the child prostitution business is a very real fact. Every day innocent victims are taken and many who are lost go unnoticed by law enforcement agencies and a growing jaded public. Perhaps the most important message of this novel is that we must not let their cries go unheard.

A Solitary Man by Aisling Mancy and Shira Anthony is an outstanding novel that I highly recommend to you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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