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With a brother in an institution and life in chaos, Princess Taylor Hatfield and Huntsman Corentin Devareaux have moved to Maine to live simple, eventless, mundane human lives—Taylor working in the library and Corentin as the town’s sexy, eye-candy Mr. Fix-it. When the mysterious Alice shows up at Taylor’s library spouting riddles, Taylor is freaked but doesn’t mention the encounter to Corentin. Likewise, Corentin conveniently forgets to mention the mysterious journal, much like his own but far darker, that showed up out of the blue—the journal that calls to the dangerous side of Corentin.

When Atticus disappears from the institution and New Orleans freezes over in May, Taylor and Corentin have no other choice but to dive back into the magical life to hunt down the crazed Snow White reincarnate. Along the way they encounter another princess, a secret band of vigilantes, and witches. In searching for the truth behind the deep freeze, Taylor and Corentin face themselves as well as their relationship and when disaster strikes—again—Taylor can only hope that the love between them will be enough to save them both.

Bayou Fairy Tale is the second book in Lex Chase’s Fairy Tales of the Open Road series. I loved the continuation of Taylor and Corentin’s story. This one even brings new twisted fairy tales into play—Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Peter Pan, and even Frozen. The mind of this author astounds me every time with loads of creativity, humor, and excitement.

What I like best about Taylor and Corentin’s relationship is that even after they’ve been together for two years, there are still things they are working through—jealousies, secrets, curses. Their relationship is far from perfect, but it’s also wonderful. The love between the two unlikely lovers is sweet and sexy and fun. I can see their relationship grow by leaps and bounds, not only between the time of this book and the last, but also as this story continues. They have real world relationship woes — to get married or not, what’s for dinner and who’s cooking. I absolutely adore how Chase sprinkles this abundantly magical world with normal stresses.

The story, as with the first, is adventurous, but this time in a different way. Not only have the guys traversed the country to land in New Orleans (the hub of magical activity), but when they get there, they find that everything is not as it seems. I love the creativity of the library and the stacks. The way the author works in Alice in Wonderland and the other fairy tales is perfect. The history and the way this story and the world grows and expands, never stagnant or boring, speaks volumes about the talent of this author and the perfection of this series. I love it so much.

One of the best things about this one is that we get to see more of Corentin and his background—who he was before Taylor and who he has become since. I love him. Corentin has long been a favorite of mine and I’m dying to break his curse and see him completely, 100% happy and in love. I don’t want to give everything away, but the surprises along the way with Corentin are heartbreaking and fabulous. And yes, he remains at the top of my Love List.

I adore this story and these guys. I cannot wait to see what is next. And most of all, I cannot wait to see what’s next for my At-At. I highly, highly recommend Bayou Fairy Tale by Lex Chase.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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