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Boystown Season Four picks up immediately after the conclusion of Season Three. The books must be read in order as there are continuing story lines from each season.

The fire that overtook Max and Emmet’s club left residents of Boystown injured and scarred both inside and out. Relationships have shifted in the wake of the destruction and, while life has to go on, some lives go on down a new path. There is also still a killer on the loose and Derek’s life, as well as the lives of those around him, remains in danger. The Ciancio brothers are uncovering the mystery of the missing Mancini brother and while they work to distract the business dealings, a personal alliance will bring the two families closer than ever before.

While Max and Emmet have plans to rebuild the club and move forward with their wedding, their relationship in on fragile ground, although Emmet isn’t even aware of this. New beginnings, new relationships, new residents, past lovers, and long held secrets all play into the drama where lives and hearts are constantly in danger.

With plenty of back stabbing, lusting, loving, secrets, cheating, high stakes drama, and all the downright dirty dealings that can fit between the pages and the sheets, the twists and turns will keep you reading until the adrenaline pumping finale of Boystown Season Four.

If you have followed this series, it will be an easy decision to continue on as the format remains the same with visible influences from fast-paced television dramas. I keep gravitating to the style of this story and the ability of Biondi to keep so many characters and so many storylines in play at the same time. The storylines continue on, overlap, and create a tapestry of lies and deceit that build from one season to the next. With all of that, however, this season did not exhilarate me as much as the previous three.

This season was the first season I felt like I was playing catch up a bit in the first few episodes. There were a lot of new characters introduced toward the end of the previous season and six months has passed since that release. Also, this season truly read more as a script than a novel. The scenes were written more with the intent that I would be seeing them come to life at some point with many of the movements of the characters accounted for. While this again worked well with some scenes, other scenes had too many purposefully hidden features that you would be able to see on screen, but clearly weren’t visible here. It’s definitely a fine balance, that for me, Biondi had achieved more successfully in the past.

Due to the style of the series, the action and drama is the draw. This leaves less room for character development. As with a TV show, the characters’ motivations are discussed less. There are characters that continue on from season one that have no real depth to them and when they act out of character it was harder to understand their actions. While that can work well on screen, after four seasons I didn’t feel that I was any closer to really knowing some of the characters or why they made the decisions they did. Since it was not explored, I just had to go with it sometimes.

The writing in general didn’t grab me as much as previous seasons. Many characters didn’t speak using contractions and it made their casual conversations sound formal and off. Characters were randomly mentioned throughout the book by a combination of first and last names. Some of these characters have been with the series since the beginning and there was no consistency to how character names were used and the sheer volume of names in the series made this unnecessary. The intimate scenes have always been less emotional and harder hitting, which works well with the style of the story, but here they read as somewhat repetitive and mechanical.

The ending though, Biondi pulls it off once again with an action packed and dramatic cliffhanger ending that leaves many cast members in peril. I will now be anxiously awaiting Season Five which is scheduled for release in June 2016.

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