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Jefferson Lee Davis is headed back to the small town of Holly Creek to take care of his favorite uncle after a bad fall. Just in time, Jefferson Lee is the only one who can help his uncle with his blog and luckily (or unluckily as the case may be), it’s time for the Dogwood Festival, which means Jefferson Lee will be busy.

While Holly Creek was the place Jefferson Lee was ready to leave for bigger and better things, he’s finding that he missed his friends and maybe even the drama of the small town. In the midst of rose garden nonsense, Jefferson Lee not only has to take care of an uncle who refuses to follow doctor’s orders, his best friend is determined to play cupid in more ways than one.

When the handsome sheriff continues to show up at his uncle’s place, Jefferson Lee gets the wrong impression and a series of misunderstandings almost breaks a relationship before it even happens. But once Jefferson Lee realizes what’s on offer from Sheriff Zane Yarbrough, he jumps at it. With his future and career up in the air, Jefferson Lee has to decide what he wants and how he can have it all.

Being a girl from a small town, I laughed my way through this book, seeing so much of my hometown in Holly Creek. Dennison does a great job with the warm and catty feel of this story, adding in a sweet romance to top it off.

Holly Creek is small southern town with grand ideas and a tight knit community. One of the things I love the most is the way it seems that all of the community is at odds for one silly reason or another, but when Jefferson Lee steps in, things work themselves out. But the truth behind this community is that even if they are snippy and argue, they are family. And no one messes with family.

I liked Jefferson Lee and Zane. I mostly liked Zane because he’s the big, sweet as pie sheriff who tries with everything (outside of actually saying the words) to let Jefferson Lee know he’s interested. The relationship between the two is super sweet, but I was a little disappointed at the lack of focus on the relationship in this story. I get what the author was trying to do by defining the community and the people within, but I feel like the relationship building was set aside for this.

Then there’s the almost kiss with Beau. It happened then absolutely nothing came of it. It was just washed away as a memory—not even. It was never mentioned again. I feel like this could have been a huge play for drama and a point for building the relationship between Zane and Jefferson Lee, but that never happened.

While I liked the story and I’m really looking forward to the next story (hopefully Trent’s or maybe soon Maxim Delgado’s), I really wish this one would have had more to do with the relationship than it did.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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