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KAGE Unmasked is the third book in the KAGE trilogy and the books should be read in order.

Kage and Jamie have made it back to each other despite so many forces trying to keep them apart. Their feelings for each other are at once clear as they try to navigate and piece together what is really going on. Kage wants to be with Jamie all of the time and tells himself he doesn’t care who knows it and he is constantly marking his territory around Jamie. Jamie is committed to Kage, but he is still concerned about the two of them coming out and how it will affect Kage’s career.

Kage finally has his UFC contract and his uncle expects him to win and not lose focus. A boyfriend certainly doesn’t fit into his larger plan for Kage. Wherever Jamie and Kage go, they are being watched and no place is safe. But how far will Kage’s uncle really go to keep his investment in line? And how far will Kage and Jamie be forced to go to get their forever?

We had questions in book one and two and we get answers in book three. I have been completely invested in this series and the lives of Kage and Jamie and was certainly looking forward to spending time with them once more. Book three picks up right after book two ended and the consistency and flow were perfect.

This book is slower and more toned down than the other two in the series for a good portion. The first part has us spending a lot of time with Kage and Jamie in private and with friends and it was great to see them get to spend some time with each other. Their attraction to each other is still off the charts and the closer they are to each other, the closer they want to get. I was really into both of them exhibiting jealousy and possessiveness and it was just enough to keep the tension of the crazy feelings they have for each other without it going over the top. The physical aspect of their relationship remains raw and intense and continues to be well done. The book also steps up the story line with Kage getting a UFC contract, although the fighting aspect is not the main story line here.

The second half of the book gives us answers to Kage’s past and this was the area where the story itself faltered somewhat for me. Black offers well written passages, but I was expecting more intensity for the full reveal. With this book, as with the past books, there are many details that I don’t want to give away so I will be speaking generally. The reveal of Kage’s past, the tie up of his therapist’s story line, and then the resolution with his uncle was underwhelming. There were two books that led up to all of this and the emotional punch and impact I was expecting just wasn’t there with the intensity that I had been anticipating.

Also, since Kage is much calmer throughout most of the book, his voice and Jamie’s voice sounded similar here. That was never the case in the past and at times in conversation it was easier to lose track of which of them was speaking. Everyone calls Jamie clueless, he agrees that he can be clueless, but he took clueless to a whole new level at times.

It was still quite the ride to be part of Kage and Jamie’s world. Although this does mark the end of the trilogy, there is still so much story that could be told. I have read a good portion of Maris Black’s catalog at this point and she is an author I would return to again. If you have followed the series, you will definitely want to read the finale. If you haven’t started yet, this would be an excellent series to start and if you like edgy, skilled athletes with heat, fire, possessiveness, and a troubled past, then you should meet Michael Kage.

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