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Length: Novella

Damian Archer is not the relationship kind of guy. In fact, it’s at a friend’s party that he’s confronted with a former friend with benefits who wants more from him. That conversation is stealthily overheard by a waiter—a cute, snarky, and frustratingly interesting waiter who Damian isn’t sure whether he wants to push into a closet or get fired. When Damian hears the waiter trying to talk his friend out of stealing from the hostess, Damian finds himself intrigued. And the next day when Damian discovers the waiter—Fin—was arrested for stealing, Damian runs to his rescue.

Fin Thornton finds himself jobless and homeless on the same day. When Damian comes along and offers a him a job, not only does Fin turn it down, but he also does his best to find work without the help of the overinflated, ego-tripping, too-much-money-for-his-own-good Damian Archer. After he finds a job, Fin discovers belatedly that Damian’s company just bought out his new employer.

With Fin’s aversion to wealth and the skeletons in his closet, Damian has a difficult time breaking through his walls. However, once he does, Damian makes a few mistakes of his own. Having avoided relationships forever, Damian finds himself wanting the one man who doesn’t seem to want him, while Fin finds himself seeking out the one man he knows he shouldn’t want.

This book is definitely different from Ashton’s usual line of badassery and I found that refreshing. Unexpected, but definitely nice. Not to say that this story is fluffy, because it’s far from that, but it’s a fun and sexy story that had me hoping for a happy ending for these two.

I liked Damian—even as a rich playboy. He’s big, bold, and confident and not without his own perceived issues. He’s not technically in the closet, but he’s not not in the closet either. Most of his issues were internal things—the closet/not closet situation and the lack of communication (which is understandable seeing as he doesn’t do relationships). For Fin, his conflict was more emotional. His past plays a big role in who he is, although we don’t discover the entire story and his end goal until very near the end of the book.

The story is really very good, although I found its quality a bit less than Ashton’s other works. Maybe it was the dialogue or the descriptions that got to me, but I found myself comparing this to other stories that I absolutely adored and found this one good, but not as spectacular as the rest. Another thing I didn’t like was the lack of conclusion to Fin’s storyline. We see what the guys are hoping to do, but not what is actually done, which leads me to believe that there may be another story, but I’m not sure.

Overall, I liked this book, but it wasn’t just what I was hoping for—which was a good guy story with more impact. Instead, it was super sexy (as always, because it’s Avril Ashton) and definitely on the nice side. I am hoping for more, either from these two or from Sullivan.


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