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Shaun Rogers works reception at a gay clothing-optional resort. In the last few years he’s started to accept his own sexuality, but he’s still not quite ready to own it. When Con Brooks shows up to upgrade the computer system and security at the resort, Shaun is instantly attracted to him, but he avoids Con’s advances at first. Not only because he’s not completely accepting of his own sexuality, but because he’s not sure how his gran will take the news. And since his mother was killed in the line of duty, his gran is all the family Shaun has.

On top of that twist in his life, Shaun’s father suddenly comes back into the picture. Or rather, a man, named Willis Erwin who claims to be Shaun’s father. Shaun never knew the man, and his mother only said that he wasn’t someone they wanted in their lives. Though Shaun doubts Willis’ sincerity, he agrees to a DNA test to establish paternity. But when Shaun finds out the man’s true motives, he wants nothing further to do with Willis.

Despite the upheaval, his relationship with Con has started to grow from flirtation and kisses into something so much more. The two men connect on a deep level, and though Shaun isn’t sure that he wants to come out, they are growing closer. When Willis show up at the resort where Shaun works, and catches Shaun and Con kissing, all hell breaks loose. In his recovery, Shaun finally gets to tell the people he loves most the truth about himself.

This is the third book in Connor’s Sons Series, and it works well as a standalone. But since I’ve pretty much adored all of them, I urge you to read the other two before you read this one. And Nobody’s Son is my favorite of the bunch. I loved the guys that came before, and I loved seeing them again in this book. But Shaun and Con are my favorite couple, and I absolutely loved their story.

The thing that worked the best here was the characterizations. Shaun and Con both read as true people, real and believable, and I felt immersed in their story. There was a wonderful sense of place in this book; I felt like I was watching instead of reading and that was awesome. So not only do we have characters that feel real, but the storytelling is awesome too.

I adored Shaun right from the start. His life experiences have made him who he is, for good and not so good, and he’s just a genuinely great guy. I really understood where he was coming from. I got why he stayed in his childhood home with his gran, and I never once doubted his reasoning for keeping his sexuality to himself. He’s well-rounded and well written, and I just want to meet him in person. I loved watching his journey, and was so happy to see him get his happily ever after with Con.

Con is the kind of person we all want to meet. Big hearted, good natured, smart and savvy, as well as someone who really knows his own mind. Too good to be true, you ask? Nope. Not the way he was written. Con was absolutely believable, and everything about him rang true to his character. As much as I loved Shaun, I was thrilled when Con walked on the page. They meet right as the story starts, and it’s clear from that moment that their chemistry is insane. Guys, the sex in this book is not over done. In fact, it’s fairly sparse. But the connection between these two men? I didn’t even need a lot of sex because their chemistry was just that perfect. If ever there were two guys that were meant to be together, it’s Shaun and Con.

I have to make quick mention of the secondary characters, and not just the guys we’ve seen before. Because Jimmy owns the resort where Shaun works, of course we see Jimmy, Cory, and Mikey a lot. But Evan and Riley make appearances too. So it was great to check in with all the guys and see them still happy. I love that about series. But even beyond that, Shaun’s gran and his pseudo-step father Darnell were so well drawn, they really added to the story. Even Willis was a guy that I loved to hate.

This story was well done from beginning to end, and I couldn’t read it fast enough. I enjoyed it so much, and like I said, it just might be my favorite in the series. This entire series was good, but Nobody’s Son caps it off nicely. I adored the book, and I highly recommend it, and the series, to you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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