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Myles Robertson is in love with the idea of being in love. His best friend, Brody Hamilton, is the exact opposite whose sole goal in life is to engage in as many hookups via Grindr as possible. After Myles once again sends his date running for the hills with his over-the-top “first and last” date, Brody comes to the restaurant where they commiserate over chocolate cake and alcohol that results in them signing a pact that if they are both single in 10 years, they will be together forever.

Nine years, ten months, and twenty-nine days later… Myles has managed to scare yet another boyfriend away and calls Brody looking for a shoulder to cry on. Instead, Brody takes Myles to a sex toy shop to get a “single’s emergency kit.” As the two begin to realize that the clock is ticking, with less than a month to go before they are tied to one another for life, they begin to scramble to find Myles someone to be his happily ever after, except maybe that person is a lot closer than they both realize.

This book has been made into a motion picture. When I first got this book I thought to myself, “oh, it’s going to be a male/male version of My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Thankfully, it wasn’t! Instead, what we have are two best friends who are like day and night in their views on dating. One is all romance, where the other is a love ‘em and leave ‘em as quickly as possible type of guy. After consoling Myles after yet another date left tire tracks trying to get away, Brody agrees to make sure that Myles doesn’t die alone by agreeing that the two of them will be together forever if neither of them finds love before they turn 35.

Ten years later, with Myles no closer to finding love, Brody realizes that he needs to put the search into high gear. Signing his buddy up for a Grindr account, Brody hopes that maybe Myles will live a little and stop worrying about finding “love.” Without ruining the story for you all, let’s just say that Brody’s plan backfires as he finds himself falling for his best friend after all these years – right at the same time that Myles may have found “the one.”

The secondary characters in this book really help drive the story. Diane, Myles co-worker and confidant, is the female version of Brody where she loves them and leaves them. Richard is Brody’s police partner, who is the straight male version of Myles where he isn’t looking to hookup for sex. I have to admit, the bromance going on between Brody and Richard was comical!

If you are looking for a lot of sexy times between your main characters, well….not gonna happen here. Instead, we get some spicy moments between these guys and some hookups, but think PG rated.

My only complaint about this book is that there isn’t a whole lot of “romance” going on between the two main characters. So if you are looking for a story where the boy-meets-boy, they hookup and fall in love, that is not going to happen. Instead, you have two best friends who’ve never thought of each other “that way” and then they start thinking of each other that way and are afraid to make their move.

Overall, I thought this was a humorous story with a happily ever after. I can’t wait to watch the movie! If you want a great romantic-comedy, you have to check this out!

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