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Justin is nursing a recent heartbreak. His last boyfriend had been cheating on him. To make matters worse, with the company Christmas party coming up, Justin knows that his ex will be bringing his replacement. So Sean, Justin’s best friend and long-time secret crush, offers to stand in as Justin’s newest flame.

Sean was a late comer in coming out of the closet. Since then, he’s always had a thing for Justin, except that there was never an opportunity to be anything more than just friends as Justin always seemed to be in a relationship. Now, playing the role of a devoted boyfriend isn’t too hard, especially since Sean is hoping Justin may want to rebound with him. After a kiss on the dance floor, the sparks fly as the two have a night of passion.

The next morning, the two play it off as a one-time thing – neither sure where the other’s feelings are. Yet, fate intervenes and the two are stuck together over the holidays and find themselves giving into temptation once again. Does what happens at Christmas stay at Christmas, or can Justin and Sean give themselves a gift of love?

Okay, I am a sucker for any romance story where the main characters were childhood friends. Justin and Sean grew up together and were best friends since grammar school. When Justin came out of the closet, they remained friends despite Sean’s father’s attitude towards homosexuality. Sean, on the other hand, waited until he was an adult to come out. What neither of them knew is that they were the crush the other harbored since they were teenagers. Though Sean has wanted to act on his feelings, every time that he gathers up the courage to say something, Justin has been in a relationship.

For the last nine months, Sean has been travelling around the world, living out of a backpack. Now, returning back to London, he’s looking for a place to crash while he finds a job and a place to stay. Justin jumps at the chance to have Sean stay with him. What I loved most was how in sync these two characters are with one another – despite the fact that up until now they’ve only just been friends. Then Sean suggests that the two of them go to Justin’s holiday party together as a pretend couple.

Given the perfect excuse to touch and flirt with one another, these two aren’t holding back! Considering they’ve got years of missed opportunities to make up for, they don’t waste any time. Unfortunately, once the party and the after-hours alcohol-infused night of passion are over, they have to deal with the very awkward morning after. Fortunately, Mother Nature plays a role in making sure these two don’t run off by delivering a snowstorm that keeps the two locked away together!

My only complaint – and its minor, is that I didn’t like how vindictive Justin was towards his ex-boyfriend. I know, his feelings were hurt…I will admit, though, that I loved what happens!

Overall, I absolutely loved this story! If you are looking for a little holiday romance to warm you up and get you in to the season, you’ve got to check this book out!

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