What He Left BehindRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

For the last five years, Michael has undergone intensive therapy to deal with what happened to him with his abusive ex-boyfriend. Though he has tried to move on with his life and date other people, he panics at the thought of letting another person near him. When his counselor suggests he seeks out a sex therapist, Michael isn’t sure he is ready to open up to a stranger.

Michael and Josh have been best friends since childhood. They did everything together, including being each other’s firsts. While the two never dated, they’ve slept with each other in the past when they were between boyfriends, until Josh married Ian. There isn’t anyone Michael trusts more than Josh, so Michael divulges what his therapist suggests as the two meet over lunch one day. When Josh tells Ian about Michael’s problem, Ian insists that Josh help Michael confront his intimacy issues. With his husband’s permission and trust, Josh and Michael attempt to heal Michael’s fears of intimacy, except that Michael’s fear of letting someone new in continue to plague him. When Ian steps up to solve the issue, Josh begins to struggle with his own feelings of being left out. As their three lives become entangled, their friendship and marriage are threatened. Can these three solve Michael’s problem or will it tear them all apart?

I will be completely honest with readers that I am not a fan of ménage stories…and I absolutely loved this book! This story is told from Josh’s point of view. As Michael’s best friend and Ian’s husband, Josh struggles with wanting to help his friend, yet remain faithful to his spouse. When Ian suggests that Josh does whatever it takes to help Michael get over his issues with intimacy, Josh reluctantly agrees. Yet despite his best efforts, Michael’s problems aren’t with just sex, but with letting new people in. When Ian enters the picture, we see how Josh struggles with his love for his best friend and husband. This struggle he endures is so palpable that I couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages to find out what would happen. What I liked best about this book was that it wasn’t just about sex (though there is a lot of sex and it’s hot). There was so much emotion between Josh and Ian, Josh and Michael, and even Michael and Ian, but what was surprising was the emotions when the three of them were together. Just because there is a third wheel, doesn’t mean someone is left out.

Overall, I really liked this book – despite my hesitation to read it because it was a ménage. L.A. Witt is one of those authors who manages to infuse a story with such emotion that it reaches out and grabs you, even when you aren’t necessarily wanting to go there, and makes it worth the trip!
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