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For the past two years, Paul Jansen has watched his best friends Marcus and Arthur find love over Christmas. Paul would love a relationship and someone to spend his life with, but in the small town of Logan, available men are hard to find. He is happy for his friends, but wishes he could have his own chance at love too. The only person who seems interested in Paul is Kyle Parks. Kyle has been sending him sexy texts and building snow penis sculptures on Paul’s porch in the middle of the night. But Paul is sure that Kyle is much to young for him and he doesn’t seem at all Paul’s type.

Kyle has wanted Paul forever and he is frustrated that everyone, including Paul, thinks of him as a kid. He may look young, but he is 25 years old and plenty man enough to handle Paul. Now all he needs to do is convince Paul of that. With a little help from Arthur’s mom, Kyle is able to give Paul the nudge he needs to start taking Kyle seriously as a potential partner.

Once Paul finally opens himself up to being with Kyle, the guys find a wonderful connection. Kyle is warm and caring, doting on his sister, and friendly to everyone. Although small and young looking, Kyle is perfectly toppy and meets all of Paul’s kinks. As they spend more time together, Paul can begin to imagine a future with Kyle, one that has him finally happy and content. But Paul can’t stop his insecurities, worrying that Kyle will tire of him. Paul’s conservative family has ruined his confidence and continues to make life difficult for him. Things are looking up, both for Kyle and Paul, as well as for the small town of Logan. They must now hope that Paul’s family and others who don’t want to see change don’t ruin all the good things in their future.

Winter Wonderland is the third book in Heidi Cullinan’s fabulous Minnesota Christmas series. In the first two books, we see Paul’s best friends find happiness and love and now it is his turn. We have seen how lonely Paul is, especially now that his former bed partner Arthur found love with Gabriel. He is happy for his friends, but we can feel his longing for a love of his own. So this is a really rewarding story as we see Paul and Kyle fall in love and find their happily ever after.

This story has a great mix of sweet, sexy, and playful. It has just the right tone for a warm fuzzy holiday story, but with lots of sexiness and fun added in. We start off with Paul staring at a giant ice penis on his porch, built by a secret admirer. When Paul finds out his snow sculptor is Kyle, he is freaked out, thinking Kyle is just a teenager. No one quite takes Kyle seriously in town and I love how he makes it clear he can be all Paul needs and more. I wish we had seen a little more of what Kyle is dealing with from the town, however, as we hear a lot that they treat him like a kid, but beyond Paul and Arthur’s initial reaction, we never actually see it play out at all. But I totally loved Kyle and found him the right combination of sweet and hot that makes him the perfect partner for Paul.

Accompanying the romance part of the plot is a storyline involving the holiday festival in town, Winter Wonderland. We saw some of this in the previous book, but this year things ramp up and the whole town is involved in a giant Christmas event. Everyone hopes this will bring new businesses into Logan and revitalize the town. I enjoyed this side story as it is a nice way to cap off the three books, showing us how the town has grown and how much these six men have become vital to the community. There are some late crises that show up from folks unhappy with the change that I think get opened and closed really fast, but I did like this added element to the larger story.

So Winter Wonderland is a great installment in this series. I was so happy to get Paul’s story and I just loved him with Kyle. These are both sweet men who have been looking for love and finally find it with one another. This is a wonderful, cozy holiday story that is filled with warmth, but with a nice kick of sexiness as well. I definitely enjoyed this one and would recommend the entire series wholeheartedly.

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