small favorite booksHi everyone! Today we are back with a new Favorite Books List. This time the theme is snowbound stories!

As is often the case, this list was once again inspired by books I have been reading. This is a popular theme this time of year as we get into the winter season here in North America. I love snowbound books because they have many of the same qualities as another favorite of mine — road trip stories. In both cases, the MCs are forced together in close proximity, often without anyone else around. Being snowbound gives an immediate intensity to the situation, forcing the characters to be alone together, often against their will, and in many cases fighting the elements. The holiday season is a perfect time for a good snowbound story, so I hope you will check out some of these.

If you have additional suggestions, please add them in the comments. And if you want to see all our snowbound stories, you can find them here.



Last Updated 1/1/20

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