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I sorted through my favorite stories to pick what I considered the best of the best of what I read this past year. 2015 started on a high note for me with Love For the Cold Blooded, and has ended (so far) with the Seasons / Storm, and The Little Goddess series. I have been extremely fortunate to have reviewed so many stellar books, and funny that at the end of the year, the first book I read is the first on my list.


Love for the Cold Blooded by Alex Gabriel
I have a new “go to” book for when I need a laugh, even if it is only to read the full title, Love for the Cold Blooded or the Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Dating a Superhero

Texas Wedding by RJ Scott
Obviously this is a must read book for those who have followed the Hayes-Campbell clan over the years. If you haven’t checked out this fantastic series, I encourage you to take the plunge!

Misplaced Affection by Wade Kelly
No one can say that Kelly goes for the easy stuff, nope, not at all. Worth reading? Absolutely, without a doubt. But be warned, if discussions about differing religious beliefs are taboo for you, I would not recommend this book, although it would be sad to miss out on the lives of these engaging characters, especially since the topic of extremist religion is sadly such a big part of our lives at this time.

The “Something Like…” books by Jay Bell
This year, I read or listened to Something Like Spring, Something Like Lightning, Something Like Thunder, and Something Like Stories and cannot help but keep getting drawn back into this well written series.

Wounded by Amy Lane
I thought Vulnerable was a powerful story. I was also sure that Wounded would not, could not live up to its predecessor. Was I ever wrong. I found that the characters developed significantly, and I mean all of the key characters demonstrated growth and added complexity, especially Green and Cory, and that the feel of the story became more intense (and that is saying a lot).

Hat Trick 3 by Jeff Adams
Penalty Shot is sadly the final installment in the Hat Trick series and continues to follow Alex and Simon as they navigate life, school, their relationship, and all of the extra things that make up a young couple’s lives. The story builds on the previous novels and must be read in order. That being said, I have no doubt that I will revisit Simon, Alex, and the whole gang one day in the future, and hope that even if you, like me, are not a hockey fan, that you will give this fantastic series a chance.

Lead Me Not by Ann Gallagher
I want to start by saying I am not a religious person. This is not a story that will appeal to everyone because of the religious topic, and still this is a story that everyone should consider reading. I have to commend Gallagher for not only taking on a hot button topic in Lead Me Not, but for handling the subject matter respectfully, with balance and compassion for the struggles of the many types of characters portrayed in the story.

Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan
There were so many things that I liked about Nowhere Ranch when I originally read it and to be honest, I was apprehensive about hearing the sex scenes versus reading them when listening to this in audiobook format. I was worried that they would sound silly, like I have experienced with BDSM or kinky sex in other audiobooks, but I needn’t have worried. The awesome that is Iggy Toma, not only did the book justice, but I felt that the story was actually enhanced by his performance.

A Way Back to Then by Robert Halliwell
A Way Back To Then is a continuation of sorts of the Tales From Foster High series and addresses the life of a key secondary character in the series. That being said, you can’t have one (A Way Back To Then) without the others, and it feels like all of the loose threads of this arc have been tied up all nice and pretty. The story is an excellent addition to the Foster High series, and kudos to Halliwell for achieving a seamless addition that added so much to the whole.

Foxe Tail by Hayley Walsh
Foxe Tail was a Throwback Thursday book that had been sitting in my TBR pile for years, which in retrospect was a shame – For number of laughs, I give it a 5, and Walsh created a world that would be far too easy to picture myself being a part of and you too should give Foxe Tail a read and join in the fun.

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