Assassins Are People Too by S.C. WynneRating: 5 stars
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S.C. Wynne brings us yet another roller coaster ride in her latest book, Assassins Are People Too. With a fast paced and dangerous plot, characters who capture the imagination and heart from the onset, and a shocking ending that demands a sequel, this author has written what I think is her best novel to date.

Marc has been watching his neighbor Dillon for some time, but would never have initiated contact had a hitman not tried to take him out. Marc is a paid assassin working for a nebulous government agency who would deny his existence should he ever be in real trouble like, say for instance, an attempt on his life in his own apartment building. However, this is not Marc’s first time at the rodeo. But, when his would be hitman gets him in an awkward choke hold, Dillon, who is riding the same elevator, has no choice but to hit the guy over the head with a potted plant assuring his and Marc’s getaway. Little does either of them know that this will be the moment when Marc begins to let the carefully constructed walls around his heart begin to dissolve, but not without quite a bit of reluctance. Unfortunately, bad guys are part and parcel of Marc’s chosen profession, and now not only is his life in danger, but Dillon’s as well. So the smart thing to do would be to just walk away—too bad Marc’s heart has other ideas.

This novel began with a bang and never let up. This was a breathless rush toward an ending that actually made my jaw drop and prompt me to throw my kindle across the room in disbelief and frustration. Oh dear author, how could you let us hanging like this? But, I must readily admit that it would have been a terrible injustice to a really excellent novel of intrigue and murder to wrap up the ending in a neat bow. Instead, we are given just that little bit of potential for a happy ever after concerning these two guys. Believe me when I tell you that you will be so very invested in the lives of Marc and Dillon that just that little taste of a potentially sweet future for the two of them will be enough to make you humger for more of their story.

I am not sure which man drew me in more. I was desperate to learn more about Marc—to see what made him tick and discover what had led him to the life he had chosen to live. Every little snippet about his private and past life just whet my appetite to hear more—to see his soft underbelly that was so very desperate to be loved and to give love in return. Dillon was just so very sweet—and not in an unrealistic or cloying sense, but in a way that made you want to wrap him up and keep him safe—which is exactly what has Marc so rattled from the get go. Those kinds of emotions are foreign to Marc and Dillon pushes every button for our aloof assassin. Couple these intriguing characters with a story fraught with tension and mystery and you have the makings of a really good spy story.

Assassins Are People Too is a top-notch thriller that left me on the edge of my seat. Never pandering or unrealistic, this novel grips you from the start and takes you on the ride of your life. I highly recommend it to you.

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