Boys in the BandRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Anthology

This book is an anthology that contains three different stories all centered around a country music theme.

The first story is Adrenaline, which is a suspense/thriller storyline. Travis Reed is a country music star who has a problem with impulse control and likes to live life on the edge. When Travis’ life is threatened by a crazed stalker, his management team makes the decision to hire Wyatt Chastain to protect him. In my opinion, this was probably not the best of the three stories to start the book off with. The writing was a bit choppy and it was more sex than it was storyline. Not that the sex scenes weren’t good, there just wasn’t really a whole lot of storyline to go with them.

The second story in the book is Boys in the Band. In this story, Jamie “Spud” is a guitar player and the bandmates’ go to guy for comfort. When Caidon joins the band, he and Jamie begin a relationship, which has Spud’s bandmates less than thrilled that their boy-toy is off the market. While I liked this story more than the first, I, again, thought that the storyline was just a background for the sex scenes. The relationship between Jamie and Caidon feels like it hasn’t been fully fleshed out, and it felt as if there were a lot of loose ends between Jamie and his bandmates at the end. Readers should also be warned that there is abuse going on in this story.

The third story is If Wishes Were Horses. Malcolm and Dalton had a thing years ago before Dalton became famous and left Malcolm behind. Now, Dalton’s career is over and Malcolm is the one who is successful. When Dalton shows up, Malcolm wants to toss Dalton out, but finds himself unable to resist his attraction. This story is the shortest of the three and while it could have been my favorite out of the group, I felt as if it too wasn’t completely fleshed out. A second chance at love story, I was expecting it to have more angst as the two characters dealt with what happened all those years ago and as they decided where they go from here.

To be completely honest, this book just wasn’t something for me. I prefer stories where there is a lot of angst. This anthology doesn’t have a whole lot of that going on. What it does have, though, is smoking hot sex scenes – and a lot of them! I think that if readers are looking for a couple of shorter stories with an emphasis on steamy sex scenes, this may be the book they are looking for.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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