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Careened takes place after the third book in the Baal’s Heart series. For the best continuity and impact, the books should be read in order.

The men are back on land, but they are still adrift. The events are over, but the nightmare lives on. Jon can’t sleep peacefully, he can’t shake the memories, and he finds himself spending more and more time away from Tom and Baltsaros. The holidays are upon them, and when the men look to liven things up and find the spirit of giving, they may once again find everything they need within each other.

I don’t read many holiday themed books, but if I could have chosen a story to be written, this would be it. This was the book that I didn’t even know that I needed.

Careened opens directly after the climatic events of Fated: Blood and Redemption. Jon can’t move forward as nightmares continue to plague him and he is pulling away from both Tom and Baltsaros. Baltsaros doesn’t know how to reach him and, while Tom has all the patience for him, he doesn’t know how to bring Jon back from the despair he is spiraling down into.

The book is still laced with the aftermath of the darkness that drove the previous books, but also manages to have a lighter, dare I say romantic, tone as well. The relationship between Jon and Tom is fully on display as Tom lays out his heart for Jon and their interactions continue to make this series. Tom’s personality enhances the atmosphere; with as much as he’s been through, his playful side is still intact and it’s his dialogue here that tempers the undertone of sadness and will leave you smiling.

In less than 50 pages, Deckard gives us a complete story filled with a range of emotions that continues to illustrate his story-telling talents. It’s simply the experience of connecting again with the men of Baal’s Heart and Deckard effortlessly takes us back to their world where the setting and the characters’ voices remain true. What finally turns the tide is maybe Baltsaros giving the men the most perfect gifts that truly highlight how well he knows his partners, or maybe it’s that the author himself continues to write the most realistic and successful triad and knows exactly what each character needs.

This book is absolutely recommended for readers who have read this amazing series. It’s most certainly the book that you didn’t know you were missing. If you haven’t gotten to this series yet, well that’s a bit of luck for you as you can begin at book one.

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