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If it’s magical or paranormal, Dane has probably dealt with it. As a supernatural consultant, it is his job to tackle the issues that humans can’t or won’t. When he is asked to investigate a pack of dragons harassing the area around a fly zone, Dane finds the unexpected: a gravely ill male dragon protecting five scared dragon kits. To save the dragon’s life and protect the kits from further harm, Dane brings them into his home.

Mercury has endured hell, but it’s nothing compared to nightmare his adopted younglings have experienced. So when he wakes up in a strange man’s home, he is understandably distrustful, but too weak to do anything more except place his trust in Dane. As the true horror of what happened to Mercury and the kits is revealed, Dane becomes their committed champion. But an enemy with incredible power waits in the shadows and it will take every ounce of magic that Dane, Mercury, and the kits possess to survive.

Dragon Consultant was a short and sweet fantasy, with only a hint of romance. The piece was written crisply and cleanly and there was enough suspense and action to keep me interested and keep that interest peaked for future sequels. The author does a good job of world building, especially when the length of Dragon Consultant is considered. There is also an excellent sense of realism to the story and I credit the author for having the talent to make the fantastical seem natural.

The biggest stumbling block for Dragon Consultant overall was its too short length. Given the nature of the story being told and the amount of information that needs conveying, the book yo-yos between info dumping in some areas and barely delving below the surface in others. While readers are given enough details to understand and invest themselves in the plot, this information often comes in chunks large enough to slow the pace. Not painfully so, but still it’s noticeable. More frustrating is a near complete lack of character development regarding Mercury and Dane. We get the impression they are good men and they are working for an important cause, but that’s it. I was left with the mere impression of a character rather than a fully dimensional creation. Which is odd because even the kits seemed to be more well-rounded and fleshed out than Dane and Mercury. Dane and Mercury’s relationship is also something of a non- starter. The two meet and within a handful of days have decided they are meant for one another. But it isn’t even insta-love. Instead it reads as more of a business arrangement in the guise of love. I never believed that Dane and Mercury were particularly interested or attracted to one another. I fault the short length of Dragon Consultant for this as the author seems to have spent a great deal of time hashing out the plot and fantasy elements but ignored the characters and their apparent romance. Had this part of the story been given the same time and consideration as the world building, Dragon Consultant would have been a much stronger book.

Dragon Consultant has some definite highlights, not the least of which is the natural flow of the fantastical elements and the overall world creation. A lack of character building and a romance that never even got off the ground, leave Dragon Consultant somewhat lacking. This does appear to be the first in a series and there was enough positive material to leave me waiting for the next volume. But I can’t help hoping the author decides to spend a bit more time defining and strengthening her characters in the next book!

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