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All Mitchell wanted was to put his troubled and abusive childhood behind him and make something of his life. He now owns an auto repair business, but even that came at a price. Mitchell has a skill and secrets. He has psychic power over metal, which makes him able to manipulate it to his will and certainly helps him fix cars. His skill also has him working for an organized crime family. Mitchell builds illegal cars and, trapped with no way out, he is further forced into extreme violence.

When a broken tail light has Trevor seeking out an auto repair location, he finds himself in Mitchell’s garage. Trevor is well dressed and posh and even though there is a pull between the men, Mitchell keeps him at a distance. Not to be deterred, Trevor goes after what he wants and the men begin to date and spend their nights together. But, Trevor knows Mitchell has many secrets and wears many faces and it’s not like you can quit working for a crime family whenever you want to.

Nicholas Kinsey is a new author to me and I say with all positive vibes that this author has potential. The first half of this book had me thinking that based on the published synopsis of the book that it had a good premise. The second half of the book captured that premise further and left me with the feeling that given time to further develop his craft, the author’s books could have a more polished and cohesive feel.

My inclination is to review the book in three parts, one for Mitchell, one for Trevor, and then the overall story arc. I say this because at times it felt like three separate stories and there was some lack of cohesion to blend it all together.

Mitchell looks the part of the bad boy and is thrust into a violent world, but is lost and softer on the inside. He has never felt that he fit in anywhere and he’s constantly trying to push down his painful childhood. Mitchell’s character was definitely unique in having ferrokinesis and that was a major draw to the book for me. We are shown glimpses of his abilities in the earlier parts of the book. We are then shown more feats further into the story, but they were basic for the most part and I would have liked to have seen even more used all of the way through.

When Trevor first sees Mitchell he cannot keep his mind off of him and then finds all kinds of reasons to return to his shop. Their first date was interesting in that Mitchell, who stated he was so closed off, tells Trevor a lot about himself, which gets Trevor all worked up right away and the conversation and Trevor’s reactions and thought process was hard to get behind. Trevor then calls his father to discuss the mysterious Mitchell, and while I got the connection the author was trying to make with the father, his character was undeveloped and oddly placed for me. There are hints offered to Trevor’s behavior, but again that is not fully developed either. The relationship between Mitchell and Trevor was up and down as well. These are guys that are lacking in emotion for the most part and their intimate interactions are based on physical need. There was then a jump when Mitchell needed emotional support, but I didn’t feel that their relationship had evolved to that point.

Then there is the larger storyline of Mitchell working for a crime family. He started out driving and then building all kinds of custom cars and then winds up submerged in violence. For the first portion of the story we are told about the violence and then later there is on page physical and sexual violence filled with blood and revenge. But then just when there was intense action, the author pulls back on Mitchell, distracts him, and the thread of a dramatic moment was lost. There were also several secondary characters that read as separate and didn’t blend into the story as well for me either.

This review is up and down and around because that’s how I felt reading the book and the characters’ motivations weren’t always consistent. The beginning left me waiting for the paranormal to kick in and then the story would take off only to have something pull it back down again. I would be inclined to check out this author again as his work progresses and I would suggest this book if you like some areas that are character driven and some areas that are plot driven with darkness, violence, and a side of paranormal.

I don’t often comment on book covers but I will here. At first glance, neither model strongly resembles the descriptions of the characters and the guy on the left, in my view, is extremely overused as a cover model. What is most perplexing for the model on the left is that his head looks to have been placed onto a female body. Even the car looks basic compared to what is described that Mitchell can build.

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