Fractured by Lavinia LewisRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Two years is a long time to mourn the loss of your boyfriend and yet Riley lives on in a half life wondering over and over what really happened to Logan. All that while Logan was held prisoner by his own alpha. Regretting dearly the fact that he had never shared his shifter status with Riley, Logan manages to escape the tortured life he has been forced to endure at the hands of his homophobic alpha, Roy. When Logan finally tracks Riley down, he must reveal who he really is and hope that Riley won’t run away from him in disgust and fear. That turns out to be the least of his problems, however, for more than backwoods neighbors are tracking his wolf. The past has come back to haunt Logan and time may be running out.

Lavinia Lewis gives us a classic shifter tale in her latest novella, Fractured. While this author doesn’t break any new ground, she does pack a great deal of story into a limited number of pages. Both Riley and Logan were interesting and compelling characters to discover in this fast, action packed story. Logan unpacks the tale of his captivity to Riley who appropriately feels both anger and horror at what his lover has had to endure. When these two finally come together the act of lovemaking is both explosive and then tender—their need and long held love for each other beautifully written. There was a good sense of balance in this story—between the interfering neighbors and the bloodthirsty alpha; this story had all the makings of a shifter story that would make any paranormal fan jump for joy.

Perhaps the only glitch in the plot came near the end when things got tied up a little too neatly and with little explanation. It would have served this story to have there be more dialogue and explanation of just why others in Logan’s pack waited so long to confront the injustice that was perpetrated by their alpha. Had that last section been expounded upon, I feel the story would have been much stronger and more complete.

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