Haven's CreedRating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Haven joined the military and left behind the only life he knew after violence took away his family. Forever changed and marked from that one moment, he trains hard and has the precision and skill that is looked for in a sniper. His talents and detached attitude bring Haven in the sights of a secret government organization where he trains for years to wield his own form of vigilante justice as an assassin. Day after day, Haven avenges children who can no longer speak for themselves.

Over a decade later and Haven is still as sharp as ever, but his life is lonely and empty, and the cases and kills have begun to weigh on him. He considers walking away until he meets Sammy. Sammy had been held captive as a sex slave for twelve years and when Haven frees him, Sammy knows that his new life and home is with Haven. Sammy then strives to give Haven the love and security that he has never had.

When I first ready the blurb for this book, I was all set for a true bad boy style MC. Haven is “cocky, arrogant, brash” as he takes down the lowest of the low. He trained for years with a covert group that doesn’t exist on paper to become the best of the best in the world of assassins. The first portion of the book is clear and concise as Haven invokes his own brand of eye-for-an-eye vengeance that brings him up close and personal with his targets. There are a few flashbacks that read as natural as memories to offer a view of how Haven came to be the man he is and the intensive and extensive training that was required for his job. I was captivated by his persona at this time and couldn’t wait to read on.

Around the time that Sammy entered the story and when the plot should have ramped up further, what started out as a great read took a dive when the characters’ actions became too difficult to get behind and support.

Sammy was taken as a young boy and was kept as a sex slave for 12 years. When Haven rescues him, Sammy immediately imprints onto Haven and just knows immediately that Haven is good and kind and exactly where Sammy needs to be for the rest of his life. He is afraid of every person besides Haven and doesn’t want to leave the house, but has no problem exerting his will over Haven, having an enjoyable sex life with him and becoming the dominant figure in their relationship. Sammy then stands up to Haven’s handler in this super secret organization where the men have rigorously trained for years and contradicts the calls on Haven’s job. Sammy is clearly emotionally unstable, but all of his actions are completely tolerated by everyone around them. The author makes sure to alert us to the deplorable conditions Sammy was living in and this level of acceptance by Sammy of his circumstances and everyone else’s tolerance of his actions made for unrealistic and unenjoyable reading.

Haven went from being a top assassin and a loner to barely being able to function when he was away from Sammy; he was not at all the bad boy I was expecting, but began to act as a well trained pet as he reacted to and accepted all of Sammy’s commands. We are shown that Haven was lonely and never had anyone to love him, but the characters completely appeared to flip their personalities within one page.

The beginning portion of the book showing Haven as a trained assassin was the highlight for me here. Once the relationship began, it was then difficult to get behind the characters and the book that I couldn’t wait to read became one that was a struggle to finish.

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