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Length: Novella

Cupid and Blitzen are two of the Rein Dear pilots in North Pole City. They have been best friends for years and always look out for one another. Both of them are starting to have stronger feelings for each other than just friendship, but neither wants to take the chance that admitting those feelings will ruin the close and loving friendship that they have. Not to mention that Cupid is keeping a secret about his past that he fears will send Blitz running.

Now that the Big Flight is over for the year, their friend Rudy asks Cupid and Blitz to help him out with something in preparation for his wedding to Jack Frost. Rudy wants them to find a rare Elska rose as a surprise gift for Jack. Blitz and Cupid take off in search of the rose, but keep running into trouble in the form of an evil presence that is following them and threatening their lives. On top of that, Cupid’s secret threatens to come out and ruin the life he has made for himself as a Rein Dear. Blitz and Cupid are finally willing to admit their feelings for one another, but the danger and secrets may tear them apart.

I really enjoyed this fourth installment of Charlie Cochet’s North Pole City Tales series. The series focuses on the Christmas tale come to life and the stories so far include at least one of the famous Rein Dear pilots. Loving Blitz is a cute friends to lovers story about two best friends that move on to more. Like the rest of the series, it is filled with clever fun as it plays off the holiday story. It also focuses nicely on the relationship between these two guys and I enjoyed watching them fall for one another. The affection between them is clear right from the start. Both men are holding off for fear of ruining their friendship, but they can’t avoid their feelings forever and they are a sweet and adorable couple.

The story also deals with Cupid’s past and the secret of his family history. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I liked how it reconnects us with some plot threads from earlier in the series. I think this book could stand alone, but Cochet does a lovely job building the world and connecting elements of all the books, and I think it is richer having read the first three.

I am really enjoying this series and Loving Blitz is another great installment. And if I am correctly interpreting the hints in this book, the next it the series looks to be a really exciting match.

Cover Review: I am loving the covers for this series and this is another great one. They are beautifully done and get that nice feeling of fantasy

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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