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As head of the security flock, it’s raven Everet’s job to oversee problems within the nest and the avian species in particular. So when the call comes from a human club about a magpie troublemaker, Everet is the one to pick him up. Beat to hell, the magpie needs only to clean up before he faces the firing squad, aka the elders. On the verge of being sent to the cages, Kane puts on his best manipulative mask, and still Everet saves him, agreeing to take him on as a submissive and account for all of Kane’s actions.

As a magpie, Kane is notoriously selfish and slutty. Magpies cannot change, they cannot become valuable members of the avian community. Even Kane believes that. But Everet doesn’t. At first, Kane resents Everet for saving him, for not being a sugar daddy, for not giving him the high Kane thinks he needs, but as time goes by, Kane begins to see that Everet cares for him.

When the most vocal of elders plays a dirty trick, bringing Kane’s past into his present to prove a point, Kane and Everet face truths they didn’t expect. The next step is to face them together, if Kane doesn’t let the guilt get to him first.

Okay, here goes. I liked this book, but I won’t lie, it took me a minute to get there. I liked Everet immediately. I’ve like Everet since Duck! He’s confident and understanding and perfect. I love his quiet dominance and persistence. He’s strong, but not overbearing. And he’s sure of who he is and who Kane is even when Kane doesn’t understand.

Kane is my problem. I honestly hated Kane from beginning to well over half of the story. When I say he’s selfish, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He’s annoying and frustrating. From the beginning, his qualities were damn near unforgivable and I almost came to a point where I didn’t care if he was redeemable or not. Let it be known that in the end, I liked him, but it took too long to get there. His internal conflict over who he was and who he wanted to be demanded time, I get that, but honestly, again, I feel that something likable (even something small) would have gone a long way.

What I did like about this story was the theme that everyone deserves a second chance. Kane and Everet fought the odds and won. That always makes for a satisfying ending and, in their case, love did conquer all. The journey was sometimes frustrating, but in the end, it was good.

Also, I enjoyed the heck out of seeing Ori and Raynard again. I adore them and love how their relationship has grown and progressed.

Overall, the story was eventually good. Everet was fabulous. Kane was my main problem. And the journey was eventually worth it, although it took the long route. I’m hoping for more to this series, but if I could make one wish it would be for likable characters, or at least the promise of redemption.

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