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Investment manager Richard Marshall has wanted to own the historical Harrison mansion for 15 years. It has taken him a long time, but Richard’s dream has finally come true. But all his time working, especially over the past few weeks, has kept him away from his partners Luke and Matthew. Richard has missed them terribly and feels kind of out of the loop having been away so much, so he is happy to finally be back home with the men he loves.

Before Richard can barely settle back in at home, he learns there has been a break in at the estate and he rushes to investigate. It turns out the elderly former butler, Dominic, is sure someone is out to harm the house and he is determined to protect it — even it means repeatedly escaping his nursing home and sneaking into the house. Richard has no idea what (or who) exactly Dominic thinks he is protecting the house from, but it soon becomes clear that something weird is going on. All his investors seem to be pulling out, people are determined to try buying the house from him, and old foes are threatening to obtain the home by any means necessary. Soon it becomes clear that there is something in the house that people want, but figuring out what it is and where is a whole other problem.

In the meantime, things at home continue to be tense. Luke is having nightmares in the aftermath of his father trying to kill him. And Richard still feels somewhat unsettled after missing so much time with his men. On top of that, it soon becomes clear that there is danger surrounding his acquisition of the house and those threats extend to his family. Richard has always been protective of those he loves and his instinct is to try to keep Luke and Matthew away from the investigation and any potential harm. But neither man is willing to sit on the sidelines when Richard is in danger and his dream of owning the estate could be falling apart, and the three men are at odds as they try to sort out how to handle the conflicts. All Richard wants is to protect the men he loves, but as the mystery deepens and the danger increases, he is at risk of losing both his investment and his partners.

More Than Most is the second book in the More series, featuring Richard, Luke, and Matthew. I first read More years ago (and again recently as a Throwback Thursday post when it was rereleased) and it was one of my first menage stories and remains one of my favorites. I love the chemistry and connection between these three men and was so excited when Parker released the follow up, this time told from Richard’s POV.

Both of these stories focus on two main elements: the relationship between the three men, and a suspense/thriller plot. In More, the focus was definitely primarily on the relationship end of things, but here the suspense end takes a center stage. I was of kind of mixed feelings about this. I loved these guys together. As I said, the first book was one of the first m/m/m stories I ever read and I was immediately impressed by how well Parker crafts the relationship between the three men. Even after all this time I think it is one of the best I have read. Richard, Luke, and Matthew are all distinct, well developed characters that stand on their own and still work so well together. I love that Parker makes me believe that these guys can really make it work, despite the challenges. I love watching them interact, love how romantic and sexy they are, and just really adore the three of them together. So I did feel like I missed it a bit in this book as their relationship wasn’t the primary focus. That is not to say that it isn’t a factor, because it is. We see how these guys navigate conflict, this time through Richard’s eyes as he struggles with protecting his men but also not smothering them and he really has trouble with that balance. But I did feel like we got a lot of repetition of conflicts here where things would come up over and over instead of really covering new ground. So I did wish for both more time focused on the relationship, as well as more time seeing the connection and romance between them.

The main focus here is on the suspense end of things, and I found this part fascinating. We learn pretty early on there is something about the house that people want, but it takes a while to uncover just what that is. Dominic knows something, but not everything, and what he does know he doles out slowly due to his initial distrust of Richard. This is a house with a long history of Harrison family occupants, including a famous actor who tragically committed suicide (or was he killed?), and a nasty cousin who hated Richard and who Richard fears is trying to mess up his investment deal from beyond the grave. Combine that with professional rivals who seem determined to cause trouble and an old man who won’t stop sneaking onto the property, and Richard has no idea what is happening or how to stop it. The story is exciting, the mystery of what was going on kept me guessing, and it is all fast paced and fun.

I continue to really love these guys and was so excited to see them again here. I can’t wait for the third installment and Matthew’s POV. I wish we had a bit more relationship time with them (because wow are they awesome and sexy together), but I did really enjoy this installment and would recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of menage stories.

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