One Step Too Close: Coffin Nails MC Louisiana (Sex and Mayhem #6)Rating: 4.5 stars
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Jed has lusted after his stepbrother since he was a teenager, but growing up in the homophobic environment of the Coffin Nails MC has taught him to keep those feelings buried – for his own safety. Tormented by his desires, Jed relies on drinking and drugs to suppress his feelings. Unfortunately the drinking and drugs tend to make Jed reckless and irresponsible and the one time he attempted to act on his sexual desires, he finds himself being blackmailed by Dana, a mafia princess who is intent on exploiting the club’s connections by infiltrating the club under the guise of being Jed’s girlfriend.

Ryder has always felt the need to protect his stepbrother, ever since Jed’s mother abandoned him when he was just a kid. Now, as Ryder is offered the new sergeant-in-arms position, he is forced to step in and protect Jed from going back to prison by taking the blame. Sentenced to serve time, Ryder confronts his own sexuality and realizes that he may not be as straight as he thought.

After Ryder is released from his sentence, he once again finds himself having to save Jed – except this time he is saving Jed from himself after he’s reached his breaking point. As the two begin to explore their feelings for one another, they are forced to navigate a dangerous path as they try to hide their relationship from the club.

This is the sixth book in the Sex & Mayhem series; it can be read as a standalone. This book is actually the first in this series that I’ve read and I will warn readers that if you like bad boys…this series may be addictive!

What I loved most about this book was the fact that the author didn’t attempt to paint a pretty picture of MC life. The Coffin Nails MC club is a disaster. They are struggling for money because they spend way too much of it partying. The clubhouse is a pit. The members aren’t leather clad giant teddy bears in need of hugs – they are rough, tough, and violent through and through. As a reader, I knew there wasn’t going to be a “happily ever after” ending for Jed and Ryder when it came to their “family.”

Jed and his story will break your heart. I found myself tearing up – more than once – when it came to this character. He is a lost soul. Abandoned by his mother, his only family is a group of homophobic bikers that if they found out exactly who Jed really was wouldn’t have a second thought about leaving him for dead.

Ryder has always been the protector. Born and raised in the club life, he foresees himself as someone who can turn the club away from its downward spiral…until he finds himself falling for Jed. Though Jed and Ryder have always had a special relationship with one another, when they finally cross the forbidden line with one another, readers are treated to watching Ryder struggle with who he’s always wanted to be with who he is now.

Speaking of the forbidden line – I will admit, I was a bit leery about this whole stepbrother storyline. It should be taboo, right? Instead, it felt just like any other story where the two main characters are “best friends” growing up…except you add in the whole thing about them being “family,” though they are unrelated by blood. Like most friends-to-lovers stories, it brought this whole other element into the story where there is this deep bond between the two characters. This bond helps create this whole feeling of tenderness between the two without there having to be a whole lot of pages devoted to creating this bond between the characters. Let’s just say that when Ryder and Jed are together, it is scorching hot! I might add that both main characters have a very limited experience with same-sex relationships, but that doesn’t let it stop them!!! While there are moments of tenderness between these two, they stay true to their biker nature where they live hard and play harder!

My one complaint is that I didn’t get the ending I wanted…though, I will admit, it was the perfect ending for this book.

Overall, I loved this book. I loved that the author kept the MC authentic and didn’t try to force them to change their views on homosexuality in order to give readers the ending they wanted…even if I, myself, was a bit disappointed. I loved the violence and mayhem of the storyline. It had the right amount of angst and romance. If you like your bad boys acting badly, you’ve got to give this book a try!

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