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Length: Short Story

Liam made it back to Mars to see that the motorcycle club had taken back the planet. The war on Mars is over, but Liam is still fighting the demons living within his mind. He wants to be there for Outlaw and Reilly, but nightmares claw at his sanity. In a time when the group should be rejoicing and getting ready to celebrate the holidays, the three men return to Earth for Liam to not only confront his darkest fears, but also to make some new memories.

This book is number nine in the Outlaw MC series and will not make much sense if you have not been following along. This is also a short story and it definitely plays up on the short at just over 20 pages.

Liam can’t seem to shake the torment he endured while in prison on Earth and Outlaw and Reilly come up with a plan to change that. If you are familiar with Cox’s style, you will not be surprised to know that dealing with and exorcising Liam’s demons means a hot threesome, which is what this book mostly entails.

We get flashbacks to Liam’s time in prison, and it didn’t cover any new ground, but served to fully fill in all of the details. And, for the book being predominantly a sex scene, it wasn’t even Cox’s hottest moment. This book could also have easily been an extended epilogue added on to the previous book.

But, if you have made it all through the series and enjoyed it, it’s kind of difficult to pass on getting the full closure and seeing all of the guys sit down for a holiday meal together. If you haven’t gotten to it and are looking for hot bikers on Mars, then start with book one.

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