Reindeer GamesRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Everyone knows the story of Santa and his elves, but this version has time bending elf shifters. Rom shifts into Dasher, leads the team, and is beautiful by everyone’s standards. When quiet Lon meets Rom, he changes jobs to become a handler as he falls for Rom. Rom can have his pick of anyone in the village and most nights he does just that. Lon thinks if he can just get Rom to really notice him, they will have a real chance at a real relationship.

throwback thursdayLon does seem to keep attracting the attention of Wod, Rom’s best friend and Dancer to the team of reindeers. Lon knows that Wod makes his heart race and his skin warm, although in a darker more sensual way, but Lon is fixated on getting Rom to notice him. When Wod learns that Lon is trying to gain Rom’s attention, he offers to help as Wod knows everything about Rom.Lon doesn’t quite understand why Wod would do this, especially when Wod makes it known he’s interested in taking Lon for himself.

This book was mostly just a whole lot of fun. The scene is quickly set with elves living in a village in another realm. Forget what you think Santa or his reindeers really look like as these are magical shifters that can also traverse and bend time.

Lon is one of the smallest elves and he gets to be up close with the other elves as they shift. He has become so fixated on Rom and getting his attention, but the elves are not a monogamous group and Lon really wants something more than one night.

The story is told solely from Lon’s perspective and he is fun, cute, and quirky. The pacing of the story was well played in the beginning, but then I really could have used more from Lon and then really something from Wod. I needed to understand Wod’s motivation better as there was truly no insight given. And, without giving the ending away, Lon’s feelings change so quickly and there is not enough time in this book to devote to it. I also could have used more time on their magic and the village they live in as it was a clever scene. The ending leaves the characters in a good moment, but their future is not clear.

I really enjoyed the premise of this book. The setting was new and intriguing and I would have liked to have seen it expanded on. This book overall was cute, clever, and fun with a few heated scenes to add to your holiday reading list.

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