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Lennart Kelly is nineteen years old, and after having suffered a terrible childhood, has finally caught a break. Being left an inheritance of a house and some money from a grandfather he never knew existed, Lennart’s got a new lease on life. Now he’s out of rural Ireland and living in Dublin. On his second night there, the shy boy with the terribly low self-esteem talks himself into going into a gay club. And that very first night he meets the slightly older Aidan Cassidy.

The two young men hit it off and get together again the next day. And spend the entire weekend together. They have a connection that’s undeniable, and when Aidan gets evicted a week after they meet, Lennart tells Aidan he can move in. Their relationship has gone from zero to sixty with barely a blink, and insecurities abound, especially for Lennart. But together they work through the bumps and begin to build something really solid.

But Lennart’s past is not going to let him go. His father shows him just how awful he is, and with Aidan at his side, Lennart can fight his father. But the man isn’t going to give up, and just when Lennart thinks he’s safe, violence hits. As Lennart begins the healing process, he once again turns to his grandfather’s journals and learns even more about the man he never knew. The similarities between them help him stand up, and with Aidan’s love, Lennart once again comes out of his shell. Only then can he face his father and put an end to things, once and for all.

This story was a lovely mix of sweet and wonderful with the heft of angst and hard times. Lennart will pull on your heartstrings from page one. This guy is so insecure, his self-esteem is so low, that you just want to wrap him up in a hug and hold him tightly. He narrates the story and I think it was the perfect choice by the author. Knowing what’s going on in his head, seeing his thought process, really gives the story a believable weight. More than that, even, we get to truly see his growth. There’s a fine line in a story like this where the character changes so drastically that it can seem like a complete 180 and unbelievable. Stone has a masterful ability to show us just how far Lennart comes, and it makes his change and growth feel real and organic. I adored this guy, I really did, and I was cheering for him every step of the way.

Aidan is the perfect guy for Lennart, but I’ll admit that there were a couple of key points where I found him too good to be true. Honestly, Aidan was well balanced and he definitely had his faults. But the good far outweighed any bad, and there were moments when I found him just a tad unbelievable. But he was also endearing, and as much as I adored Lennart, I was so happy to see him with such a great guy. These two young men had serious chemistry. It just sparked off the page. And it was easy, despite their young age, to make the leap and believe they would have an HEA.

The romantic storyline was the primary focus here, as it should be, but Stone did a really great job of weaving in other elements. In particular with Lennart’s father. Seriously, this guy could have come off as cartoony villain had he been written with a less skilled hand. But it was easy to see just how malicious he was, and believe it too. The other secondary characters, the ones that got page time, were really well-drawn and helped to flesh out the story. And I always love it when that happens.

So basically, if you like stories that are fairly low on the angst meter, where two guys who deserve it fall in love, where the characters grow and change and really learn, and where the characters are well written, then I suggest you pick up Scenes from Adelaide Road.

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